U.S. senator urged not to hold the world hockey championship in Belarus

An influential U.S. Senator Mark Kirk has once again called on the International Hockey Federation (FIH) to refuse to carry out the 2014 championship in Minsk.

This information is circulated near the Belarusian media on Tuesday morning August 21, the reporter confirmed the "Voice of America" spokeswoman Illinois Senator Nicole Berrett: "Yes, we made a short statement on this matter."

The document reads in part:

"International Ice Hockey Federation to suspend the implementation of the plans for the World Cup 2014 in Belarus. The brutal suppression of Alexander Lukashenko freedoms of expression and assembly should not be encouraged MFH. The international community must support the people of Belarus, not a dictator who denies (the citizens of Belarus — GA) of the basic human rights. "

Recall that in March last year, Republican Senator Mark Kirk was one of the sponsors of the resolution of the U.S. Congress, which introduces a number of sanctions against the regime of Alexander Lukashenko.

Along with five other Senators Kirk sign the document calls upon, among other measures, the right to deprive Belarus of the World Championship in 2014 (it is known that Alexander Lukashenko is passionate about the sport).

During the past year with the likes of appeals to FIH addressed a number of American and European politicians. A resolution to move the tournament to another country adopted the European Parliament. However, the president of the International Ice Hockey Federation Rene Fasel has repeatedly said that he would not "mix sports with politics," so the championship until 2014 to be held in Belarus.


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