UAB Center for Advanced Technology came to self-sufficiency


The Board of Directors of RUSNANO has approved the first exit from the investment project

  • multifunctional scanning probe microscope
  • multifunctional scanning probe microscope

The Board of Directors has approved the first output of RUSNANO has invested in the company previously. RUSNANO out of the authorized capital of JSC "Center for Advanced Technologies" implementing a project to expand the production of scanning probe microscopes and atomic weights.

Buyer 27.6% of the shares of the project company will be the applicant of the project — "SPE CLT". Expected return on investment (IRR) RUSNANO will be 29.5%.

RUSNANO‘s participation in the project allowed high-tech company founded by Professor Igor MSU Yaminsky reach a new level of business development and expand the range produced by scanning probe microscopes and software to them. The volume of investments in RUSNANO project was 50 million rubles from the originally planned 140 million rubles.

Thanks to a dedicated investment project company launched in December 2011, the production facility, which will allow the 2012 to increase output in half and achieve sales revenue of about 70 million.

The transaction satisfies two major criteria of a successful exit RUSNANO existing investment projects yield no lower than planned and the project’s ability to develop independently.

The main products of "Center for Advanced Technologies" are scanning probe microscopes series "FemtoScan" — precision instruments using the principle of the mechanical movement of the probe (cantilever) to study the surface of the sample to an accuracy of one nanometer. The instrument is used for research in chemistry, physics, biology and medicine, as well as for quality control of surfaces in the nanotechnology industry. The company also produces software for managing probe microscopes and imaging "FemtoScan" and atomic scales that can indicate the presence of particles of different substances at the level of individual atoms.




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