UAC is developing a new airliner

In the 2019-2020 years. Russian aircraft industry plans to launch SuperJet NG

1 Aug 2013, 14:35

The new aircraft United Aircraft Corporation develops at their own expense, the budget funding for the project is expected only in 2016

The government decided that the KLA is needed in the line of aircraft from 130 seats or more, its working title — Sukhoi Superjet NG, told "Vedomosti" Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Yuri Slusar. The project receives government funding in 2016 Its size will be determined after the survey, which now holds the KLA — as long as they are paid by the corporation itself, knows the deputy minister.

The representative of the KLA has confirmed this information: "Now the project does not require significant investment. Funding does not exceed 300 million rubles. a year. "

"Project NG should be a link between the Sukhoi SuperJet 100 — it is produced," Sukhoi Civil Aircraft "(SCAC) — and MC-21, which will make the" Irkut "- continues the representative of the corporation. A person close to the KLA, says that from the SuperJet 100 NG aircraft except that the center-left, but it will be extended. The rest will be as close as possible to the MS-21. From the development of MS-21-200 with 150 seats "Irkut" refused, told "Vedomosti" top manager of the corporation at the last air show at Le Bourget. Thus, the line of the MC-21 aircraft will start with a capacity of 180 seats, he explained, and SuperJet NG segment takes 90-160 seats. OAK president Mikhail Pogosyan not exclude that in the future all aircraft line UAC will be issued under a single brand.

In the NG from the MC-21 will be the technical solutions of carbon fiber wing, the engine of the same family — the choice fell on until the P & W 1000, and not PD-14, said a person close to the KLA. And the engine SaM146, which is now producing factory "Salute" with the French Snecma specifically for the SSJ 100, does not have the necessary thrust to 130-seater car, it will be used only for an interim update — SuperJet Stretch. The model will carry up to 115 passengers (in the basic version SuperJet 90-110 seats). Stretch exit the market scheduled for 2016, NG — for years 2019-2020., Said the source of the KLA.

Due to the fact that the NG will be used and the technical solutions of the MS-21, and on the SuperJet, the cost of its creation will be lower, just a few hundred million dollars, still people from the KLA. In MS-21 is planned to invest up to $ 8 billion, of which $ 3.5 billion — of the budget, the rest — from its own resources, "Irkut".

It is possible that participate in the creation of SuperJet NG will and the Italian Alenia (25% owned by SCA) knows a person close to the KLA, is discussed. Perhaps the creation of the aircraft will be involved, and other specialized investors, said another man from the KLA. The representative of the corporation is not commenting. Get comments Alenia failed.

The fact that the NG will hit the market in the years 2019-2020., That is, later MS-21 (scheduled for 2018), it is logical, says editor Roman Gusarov. The situation is very similar to a corporation created Boeing Dreamliner, introducing the same experience in a modified version of the mass of the product — B737 NG, expert says.

Returning to the issue of the development of the KLA 130-seat aircraft can significantly complicate the entry of aircraft CS300 Canadian Bombardier, confident man from the leasing company. This aircraft was to replace the gap in the line of jab at 110-130 seats. Leasing company "Ilyushin Finance" (IFC), which is 48% owned by the KLA and whose profile — Russian aircraft, even signed a $ 2.5 billion to buy 32 aircraft Bombardier. Firm contract was signed in the spring in Montreal in the presence of the Minister of Industry and Trade Denis Manturova. Later, he said that the cooperation between the two aviation industry will allow the Russian MS-21 (which is 65% the same as the accessories with CS300) to get the right to use the network maintenance Bombardier worldwide. "But now it is clear that this is only a temporary solution," — said the source in the KLA. Rather, the Canadian aircraft any difficulty in obtaining the type certificate from the Interstate Aviation Committee, which entitles flights in CIS and Russia, the source continues, the leasing company. "The main markets for these aircraft CS300, who signed IFC — Latin America, the Middle East and Asia. Russian airlines will be offered to domestic appliances "- confirms source in the KLA.



Text: Catherine Sable

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