UAV ZALA 421-16E: a breakthrough in the field of aerodynamics

In recent years, many media continues unabated fierce debate about the fate of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), the relationship of the Defense Ministry and the producers of UAVs, their effective application.


But the words will remain words, if nothing is done silently and listen to the discussion. An example of a business approach to this problem has shown a number of Russian companies, in particular, a group of companies ZALA AERO, who presented at the recent air show on a unique combination of performance characteristics of unmanned aircraft ZALA 421-16E.

Maiden flight

The first flight of the UAV was conducted based on the company "Unmanned Systems" in Izhevsk.
Features ZALA 421-16, identified during the first flight of the device, along with the technology to ensure low visibility make this complex an unmanned applicable in a number of different operations carried out by the Russian Defense Ministry, the General Director-General Designer "Unmanned Systems" Alexander Zakharov. "It’s amazing how fast the machine is climbing steadily, and how the device behaves in the air. Already during the first flight was quite obvious that by careful aerodynamic aircraft can carry a much greater load than the calculated ", — he said.

The possibility of fully autonomous flight makes a single plane of the UAV helicopter survey of alternative gas pipelines, oil pipelines and transmission grids.


Flying Wing

This BLA — unique breakthrough not only in the field of aerodynamics, but in the region of the stabilization system of the payload. By tradition ZALA 421-16E made on a "flying wing" with a pusher engine and has absorbed all the many years of experience in building reliable aircraft.

UAV has a wingspan of 1.65 m and is opto-electronic equipment and infrared payload weighing up to 3 kg. Opto-electronic system for UAVs through suspension of detailed design allows the camera from a height of 1 km to determine the number of people in the group and the color of their clothes. This UAV has already passed the full cycle of production tests and confirmed its specifications.

When duration of more than 3.5 hours. ZALA 421-16E is able to cover a distance of 200 km. As standard UAV comes with a digital SLR camera for at least 18 megapixels and high-quality video camera on a gyro-stabilized platform with a 20 fold increase. Additionally UAVs equipped with thermal 640 * 480 Pix.


Start unmanned machining is performed with a mobile catapult, landing with a parachute made automatically inflatable cushion suspension.

Catapult can be mounted either on the ground or on a ship, for example, an icebreaker, Landing UAV can also be made to the network. This method of planting is especially important when using UAVs in the military ships or ice reconnaissance.

As the representatives of the Border Guard Service of Russia who are familiar with the technical characteristics of UAVs, "These devices are similar in most of TTX to perform the tasks required for the protection of the state border, in particular, to carry out a long flight over long distances."

Unique characteristics ZALA 421-16E aircraft can be considered representative of the bright multi-UAV used for reconnaissance and surveillance tasks, protecting military bases, border, convoys.

In the near future, developers plan to expand the number of small-sized payloads remote gas analyzer. It is assumed that in the future UAV ZALA 421-16 will also be used for targeting and data relay in addition to reconnaissance tasks.


Equipment UAV

It cleanly installed an ultra-compact, versatile, Hydrostabilized new generation platform capable equipped with three types of cameras. Excellent auto focus, light weight, compact size, along with a mobile auto stabilized platform allows the operator to freely conduct surveillance over a wide angular range and get great picture. The new software package VIZA — greatly facilitates the work of the operator decryptor.

UAVs have a backup navigation system for working in difficult conditions, RAP, protect the actuators from mechanical impact and compatibility with mobile terminals.

The platform can be installed as a payload to any modern UAVs, as well as ground and surface robotic platform.

The use of modern combined weight of up to 3kg Mo decides the entire spectrum of historically attributed to the classes of 70-150 kg. The emergence of Zala 421-16 questioned the relevance of the use of UAV-based airfield. And opens a new era of application of unmanned ready now to network-centric technologies of the future.


Specifications Zala421-16E

The range of the radio channel — 45 km

Engine — Electric

Flight Duration — 3-4 hours

Speed range — 60-110 km / h

Range — 210 km

Weight — 10kg

Wingspan — 2.8 m

Payload — 1.5 kg

Height — 3,500 m above sea level

Management — 6R5/Gyaonass

Takeoff / Landing — Catapult / parachute

Video / Photo / K RA1-NO/12Mrh/640 * 480


A few words about the company

The group of companies led by ZALAAERO Zakharov AV — The only company in Russia and the CIS, which produces unmanned aircraft and helicopters. In the world there are not more than 10 companies with innovative technology of production of unmanned helicopters. Unique in its kind and helicopters ZALA 421-06 ZALA 421-02M, as well as a number of other unmanned aircraft and automatic control systems are designed by talented engineers in just 4-plus years.

The rapid rise began with the successful delivery of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in the 2006 Aviation Center of the Interior Ministry. Under the direction of the center "drones" protected Summit G8, held in St. Petersburg, the Ice Hockey World Championship in Moscow, were monitoring the highways during MAKS-2007, participated in the raid against the gangs in Neftekamsk, passed without a single loss of Special Forces .

In 2007. the company has won all the competitions FSB to supply its brand ZALA complexes in the border service and successfully completed all the contracts. Specifically to address the problems of border units in six months, a new type of UAV ZALA 421-12 extended-duration flight up to two hours and a payload mass of up to 1 kg, which is allowed to place on board a full gyrostabilized camera in two axes with the ability to review the lower hemisphere and optical zoom? 26.

Group ZALAAERO for several years been involved in various programs of Gazprom. In 2007. the company has successfully carried out monitoring of oil and gas properties Gazprom — Permtransgaz Tyumentransgas and then told the customer to continue to work for the next few years.

In addition to the development and production of the company is also engaged in training of staff and operating UAVs ZALA. According to our programs and procedures have been trained specialists of the Russian Federation Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Defense of the GRU and the FSB.

The company is actively engaged in research work in the UAV critical temperatures. By the end of 2007. the company has completed the research work on the use of UAVs to conduct ice reconnaissance and search for
objects on the sea surface (ice) in high humidity and low temperatures. "


The security agencies of foreign countries have also shown great interest in the products of the brand ZALA. C representatives of Latin American countries, such as Venezuela, Bolivia, Vietnam is currently considering the issue of the conditions of practical testing of unmanned aircraft ZALA 421-08. UK police has expressed interest in innovative products and ZALAAERO in the first quarter of 2008, by mutual agreement have been carried out a series of test flights at the site in the UK.

The company is actively exhibition activities and regularly arranges demonstration flights. So the exhibition in ParcAberporth (UK) for the first time in Eurasia has been demonstrated to control two UAVs brand ZALA from one ground control station. This event created a furor in the circles of UAV development, as exemplified by an article in a certain magazine Aerospace International in August 2007. «Russian steal UAV show» (перев. "Russian stole the show UAV").

Wide and constantly updated range, regular supplies to all law enforcement agencies of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Emergency Situations, long-term cooperation with the fuel and energy companies and research institutes, reliability and ease of operation show a high level of development of the enterprise, including gliders as the payload, and the autopilot with on-board electronics.

In conclusion, we can safely say that the drone complex ZALA 421-16E production ZALAAERO is decent priemstvennitsey previous developments building contractors and real breakthrough in the field of aerodynamics.

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