UAVs for the Armed Forces will be built and purchased in Russia

PETERSBURG, July 20 — RIA Novosti. Unmanned aerial vehicles for the Russian Armed Forces will be built and purchased in Russia, told reporters on Wednesday the chief of the General Staff Nikolai Makarov.

In late June, a senior official of the military-industrial complex of Russia told RIA Novosti that the Russian authorities over the past two years does not fund the development of unmanned aircraft for military use. He noted that "the Russian Defense Ministry can not decide for themselves how to proceed: whether to continue the acquisition of unmanned aerial vehicles abroad, whether to finance their own development."

At present, the development of unmanned aircraft in the interests of the Ministry of Defence has been concern "Vega".

"We will buy drones and build with us. It is beyond any doubt, "- said Makarov.

He noted that Russia previously bought a small batch of UAVs in Israel, it is now used to train crews. "We now take some time out for drones. We bought a small lot in Israel, we now teach crews to use them. At the end of this year, we in the suburbs once again gather all the directors who are engaged in unmanned aerial vehicles, "- said the head of the General Staff.

He noted that the state tests will be conducted with strict requirements, and those who can not meet them, will be excluded from the list of possible suppliers.

The question of the supply of unmanned aerial vehicles for the military began to be discussed after the Georgian attack on South Ossetia. Earlier, the Russian Federation has entered into two agreements for the purchase of Israeli "drones." According to the Center for Analysis of World Arms Trade, under a contract signed in April 2009, Israel delivered two UAVs "Byrd ah-400" ($ 4 million), eight UAVs "I-View» Mk150 ($ 37 million) and two UAVs "Sercher» Mk.2 ($ 12 million). Later, according to TSAMTO, a contract was signed, providing for the purchase of 36 UAVs, presumably, in the amount of $ 100 million.

In March of this year there were reports that the Russian military-industrial corporation "Oboronprom" signed with the Israeli company IAI contract sum of 400 million dollars for the organization in the Russian Federation assembling drones type or Bird Eye Searcher.

However, Russian experts have stated that domestic UAV at comparable times cheaper options in Israel. At the same time, designers recognize that while Russian manufacturers behind Israeli quality of some elements, in particular optical heads, infrared imager and data lines.

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