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From official documents:
At the Moscow Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2011 in the exposition of JSC "Concern" Vega "will be presented to a full-scale model of a new unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) medium range. The development is made which is part of the concern of "CB" Ray "on its own initiative through the company’s own funds. Made two samples of UAVs, one equipped with on-board radio equipment sample and the target load GOES-630.


Opto-electronic system for the production of "software" Ural Optical and Mechanical Plant ", but online businesses about the GOES-630, unfortunately, did not. I explained that the system includes a TV and a thermal imaging camera.

Preparations for the aerodrome, flight testing UAVs using ground equipment.

Yes, the employees of the company said that the machine has not been submitted passed flight tests. They are scheduled for September and October of this year.

Unmanned aerial vehicle "Ray" made by two-beam scheme with a pusher propeller is equipped with four-stroke piston engine Rotax-914UL (F) DCDI turbocharged working on automobile gasoline. Taking off and landing on aircraft manufactured by tricycle wheel chassis with a retractable in-flight bow support.
For transportation and storage of aircraft wing folding performed. Folding procedure is performed manually by one person for two minutes. The design of the folding unit is protected by a patent of the Russian Federation. Transportation UAV possible by road, rail and air transport.

It is still not determined which technique will be included in the complex, but maybe it will be 4 cars with full mobility: tanker those. service, the transporter, the control point or two — in relation to the aerodrome (employees believe that there will be only two.)

The plane is made of high-tech materials with the use of radar absorbing coatings. Composite elements skins have a three-layer structure with a polymeric filler (similar to the designs of UAVs in the same class of foreign production, for example, the Israeli Searcher MKII). The design life of 20 years UAVs.



Swipe, 8.7 m (11.1 in the version with a larger wingspan)
Length, 5.85 m
Height, 2.4 m
UAVs "Ray" is designed to meet the challenges optronic, radar, radio, and electronic intelligence and relay. Installation of offensive weapons or in a container under the fuselage or the wings on pylons consoles. Total weight of ammunition and weapons control systems 150 — 170 kg.

I explained about the arms as follows: discusses the suspension of bombs, grenades installation (?), Has the potential to be some kind of guided high-precision weapons.

Apparatus capable reconnaissance information transfer in real time within 250 km by using repeater — 350 km. The use of flight recorder information increases the radius of 500 km of exploration.

For flights within a radius of 250-500 km data is written to the flash media, but on his return to the reception area (<250 km) it is possible to transfer recorded with the carrier to the ground control.

Maximum speed — 270 km / h., The maximum altitude — 7000m Flight Duration 18 hours (an increase of wing span and increased fuel capacity — up to 30 hours.). Take-off weight up to 800 kg UAV. The internal combustion engine Rotax-914UL (F) DCDI 115 hp

The fuel is gasoline 95 octane.

Create a fundamentally new for the Russian UAV carried out in close collaboration with leading research institutions aviation Industry. Already obtained preliminary positive findings in aerodynamics, stability and handling of TsAGI, the duration of the flight from SibNIA at power plant — from CIAM. The above companies have developed proposals to bring the UAV flight characteristics "Ray" to the level of world’s best middle-range UAVs, such as the "Predator" (USA), Hermes 450, Searcher Mk III, Hanter (Israel).
The machine can take off and land on aircraft with a dirt area with a running start (run) up to 130 m, with an improved high-lift devices, brakes or deck arresting gear. Can parachute landing. The target loads can be used all kinds of reconnaissance equipment modular design and impact weapons. Management and data exchange of secure digital radio designed CB "Ray." The control system provides for the management of group activities in several vehicles.

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