Ufa: 2 years emissions decreased by


In Ufa, in the last two years, almost 25percent fall in emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere. This is evidenced by ranking, prepared by experts RIA rating based on the data of Rosstat.

Special attention deserves the fact that emission reductions in Ufa comes amid growing industrial capacity. According to the data given by Professor MSU Natalia Zubarevich during a regional forum "Russian regions in a globalized world", Ufa has a stable industrial potential, while the industrial profile of the economy in most major cities in Russia today is lost (Scheme is set out below).

These figures indicate that the environmental policy of the Republic of Bashkortostan and its capital city of Ufa, yielding positive results.  Work is underway to build industrial capacity in the city implemented dozens of investment projects, and emissions are reduced. This is largely due to the fact that each new project, planned for implementation in Ufa, must comply not only economic but also environmental requirements. The emergence of new enterprises, the growth of the tax base, create jobs — all that is necessary for the stable development of any city. Without it, the city expects a slow extinction. Example of Detroit — once the industrial giant of America, who came now in decline — a clear proof.

However, with the creation of new businesses should be taken into account the environmental aspect. This was closely watched by national and city government.

A number of measures taken and to reduce emissions from vehicles and other mobile sources — expanding roads, developing the concept of switching to eco-friendly fuels, improved public transport work (soon to appear in his new species).

All this allows to achieve significant indicators in the field of ecology and environmental protection.


Top cities in terms of emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere in 2012 was prepared by experts RIA rating based on the data of Rosstat. Cities ranked their total emissions from stationary sources and vehicles.

Top ten most polluting cities in the country are mainly metallurgical, petrochemical or chemical policies.

"In almost all of these cities emissions are predominantly commercial nature. In the top twenty rankings almost half of the cities have the status of millionaire, "- said the materials rankings.

According to the rankings, in Ufa in 2012, emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere reached 205,500 tons. This is less than in Norilsk (1959.5), Moscow (995.4), St. Petersburg (488.2), Cherepovets (364.5), asbestos (330.4), Lipetsk (322.9), Novokuznetsk (321), Omsk (291.6), Angarsk (278.5), Magnitogorsk (255.7), Krasnoyarsk (233.8) and Chelyabinsk (233.4).

At the same neighbor Ufa — Chelyabinsk, Kazan, Yekaterinburg — despite the space occupied in the rankings, there is an increase in emissions (from 4.5 to 14 percent).

PS The post calls glad for Ufa and Bashkortostan and optimistically hope that the experience will be distributed.

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