UFO crash during the SU-27


UFO crash during the SU-27
17.11.03, the


The first of August to Kiev television channel ICTV video was shown (in the slow scrolling) sensational Su-27 plane crash at Lviv civil-military airfield Sknyliv on Saturday, 27 July of this (2002) year, at 12:45 local time.

In the video, the digital mode slow browsing, along with the birds near the aircraft, clearly seen flying off white object in the form of a long cigar or cylinder. The object was in the background, from left to right, parallel to the course of the Su-27, past the plane, which at that time came in his last steep dive.
The result of the tragedy, as it is known — 83 corpses (two others died in the hospital), 199 chel.raneno, removed from office the Chief of Staff, Air Force Commander, Commander of the 14th Air Corps Air Force and Air Defense of Ukraine …
UFO commented on how "weird thing." It could not be any fragment from the explosion in plane crash, or a subject neglected in the fall, as the plane was still in the war in the air.

Colonel aviation air defense forces of Ukraine Gennady Bachinsky, commenting on the extraordinary video, noted that "weird thing" could be the cause of the catastrophe, because at the time of flight of the object by the Su-27 has already entered into a fatal nosedive …

From the message UKUFAS (an@crimea.com)

Aug. 4 story was already on HTV. On the tape, provided by the German channel RTL, transmitted to them by Lviv journalists, is clearly seen as a cylindrical object, comparable in size to the angular plane quickly flew under the plane (bottom-up). Since no company is exposed on its website the footage look like it looked (the strip to the left of and below the plane):

A shot was pulled out of the normal recording. And now look at an object with a small processing (the very slow shots)

Although on the surface and the object looked like a flying rocket from a portable air defense missile system ("Arrow", "Needle") trace the torch, from the engine to be seen. The only thing that we can confidently say this is not a bird or debris from the SU-27. Version flown close to the lens insect is also excluded, though — if only because such an object (which had a smaller angular size) was recorded by another camera, and seems to have a different point. Its flight path was like flying projectile thrown from a catapult. Maybe that's the footage and showed on the channel ICTV.





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