UFO has pursued and trains?




"Evening Rostov" has repeatedly reported that citizens in recent years have increasingly noticed the paranormal. For example, flying orange circular object appeared almost every night on one of the buildings on the Big Garden. "Glowing orange" always show up after midnight. He did not hang on the spot and slowly moved towards the Cathedral of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and the next night, found himself again in the same place …

Nearly a month later, our subscribers will, who watched with his family this facility again called to the office. She said that the ball continues to appear every night.

VY Rogozhin, head of the research center "Enio" confirmed the correspondent of "Evening Rostov", that has recently drawn into the center of a lot of witnesses anomalies.

— These events are now happening so often that no one is not surprising. Many people who belong to the UFO rather skeptical, convinced of their existence on their own experience. And recently, there was an interesting case. In our center, "Enio" from Saratov came three women. They said that during the trip the train accompanied by their small orange disk. He maneuvered periodically: it flew, then moved away. Why is this happening? I believe that this is due to plant closures, which were developed psychotronic means. "Brothers in Mind" for some reason much interested in such institutions. And all three of our visitors of had at the time relevant to these research centers — said Victor Y..

"Evening Rostov", Rostov-on-Don, n212, p.1
Author: A. Parkhomenko

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