UFO wreckage on Mars?




In the red dust at a temperature of 80 degrees Celsius around the Martian equator forever frozen fragments of a giant starship that crashed on Mars between 1965 and 1976 year. Anyway, so says a senior official from Washington …

"Debris on the planet was not there when July 13, 1965 by flying NASA space probe" Mariner 4 "photographed the Martian surface from a distance of 6,400 miles.

They were there when 11 years later, the probe "Viking 1" made the first landing on Mars. Photos transferred to Earth were never published because NASA fears of panic when it becomes known that we are not the first to get there, and that someone else is on Mars, "- said the source.
He said the wreckage was photographed at the limit of optical resolution is about 15 miles from the NASA probe. The photos show about two thirds of the metal ship that had either a cylindrical shape, or form of a dish — there is not sufficient depth of the image to define it precisely. Also visible furrow dug ship in the Martian soil in the fall. The smooth surface of the ship split in one place, he hit a rock during the fall. Inside the crack can be seen that with the obvious mechanisms can be called a ball and tangled cables.
Another set of images found in the Archives of the pictures of MSSS (Malin Space Sainz systems). As we know, this company has established flown to the Red Planet probe "Mars Global sevayer."
Judging by a picture, a ship or something similar to it has about a hundred yards across. Wingate tried to reconstruct the shape of the ship. It turned out something like the famous "flying triangles".
True, not the fact that we face something alien. The mysterious object is a rather uneven place, it is possible that in front of us just sharpened piece of rock erosion …

The researcher Steve Wingate handled found a photo, add contrast and increased it (see below).








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