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For a long time many people have reported a black device treugFlax forms that periodically appear in the night sky. Some believe that these mechanisms are proof that the earth is a place of pilgrimage for the aliens. But it is possible that this phenomenon is quite another, unexpected explanation.


"Dark Star" — drone spy-designed "Lockheed Martin" in 1995

New data from one of the many groups studying the so-called unidentified flying objects () Can get rid of the plaque mystery. And if you think that the heavens are full of wild, mysterious and unseen gizmos, then wait a bit. Because for several years now National Institute for Discovery Science (National Institute of Scientific Discovery), located in Las Vegas, collects eyewitness testimony about the "triangular" flying objects.

"Reports of low-flying triangular objects continually received the last 18 months," — said Colm Kelleher, assistant manager. According to him, the people of different parts of the country describe very similar properties. Kelleher said that the Institute compared the results of their research with the shooting of triangular and delta-devices made Mutual UFO Network, and independent researcher Larry Hatch, who was one of the largest databases of
The world. After collecting the data, the researchers inflicted places that have seen ,
on the U.S. map.



Project tanker aircraft KC-3 by "Lockheed Martin"

Kelleher said that most of the observations follow the general trend: the places where they saw a triangular object, correlate well with the location of several U.S. Air Force bases. These bases are attached to the "air corridor" between the bases of command, air force bases material equipment and mobile control stations. These data allowed the experts of the Institute suggests that unidentified aircraft division … are the U.S. Air Force.

The vast majority of the triangular aircraft was observed only after dark. "We are asking people to talk about their observations. Now we found a solid relationship. People who live near some of these bases can help us make ends meet, reported seeing objects flying up or sitting down. These data we do not," — says Kelleher. "These devices are wrongly classified as . If we are able to prove conclusively that this unidentified aircraft U.S. Air Force and they fly between bases, we will not have to spend a lot of time on their study. "


Experimental aircraft X47-A "Pegasus", created koporatsiey Northrop Grumman, is soon to begin test flights in the California Naval Weapons Center

If the triangular aircraft are quite terrestrial origin, what they look like? William Scott, a reporter for the magazine Aviation Week & Space Technology, for many years carefully peruse the reports of strange mechanisms. He believes that people saw a big, solid outside the aircraft, such as the mini-blimp. According to Scott, the Pentagon would not confirm the existence of such an aircraft. Although it is not a real blimp, it is filled with gas. This light and a huge machine has a huge set of features that makes it ideal for moving the armed groups and a lot of equipment from place to place. These arguments are well combined with the findings of the Institute of scientific discoveries about the origins of the military vehicles. The most likely creator of such carriers is Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company.

Bill Svitmen, writing primarily about the mysterious aircraft, believes that the roots of the creation of such mechanisms need to look in the times of President Ronald Reagan. While the impetus for the development of a variety of received secret military program. One of the results of the application of these technologies could be the creation of large slow flying machines that could be like balloons or semi-air balloons. Their advantage is the ability to carry a larger antenna — and it is the perfect equipment for espionage. After all, the size of the antenna can greatly exceed that of similar devices that are equipped warships or aircraft.

However, most of the observations associated with the devices, which differ from each other. "Inexperienced observers seeing anything unusual, usually not accurately perceive its basic features and greatly mistaken about the size of the object. This is very helpful if you want to hide technological innovations and is a serious obstacle if you want to know anything about them," — says Svitmen.


The project tselnokrylogo transport aircraft that was developed by "Lockheed Martin"

Most likely, in a few years will be heaven "littered" flying objects most unusual shapes and sizes. For now preparing to fly new development: the machine remotely piloting "the drones' reconnaissance, and other strange things. Many aerospace companies, seeing that the production of these machines you can earn a lot of money, hastily rushed to construct such devices. There are also commercial offers creation of aircraft, shaped like blimps past. It is assumed that they will be able to carry heavy loads, moving at high speed.

And this is only the unclassified development. Then there are the various innovations of the military industry. I wonder whether there will be any in the sky monthsis for real ?


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