UGC-Holding has developed energy-efficient steam turbine drive

The specialists of "UGC-Holding" designed and vnedreli energy-saving steam turbine drive.
Turbine drive is designed for low-grade exhaust steam. Turbine drive apply:
in steam boilers,
for CHP (Residual steam and instead ROU)
for gas turbines (exhaust gases)
in bio-energy (using wood waste, c / agricultural waste, peat).

Effectiveness developed by specialists of "UGC-Holding" turbine drive in the 1.5-1.8 times higher than the existing steam turbines. The company’s specialists have presented two options for energy-efficient steam turbine drive:
High pressure turbine drive (20-14atm) to -2 bar (steam parameters at the inlet of turbine drive Q. 20t.para / hour, T-195 C, P-bar 14, the generator 4 outputs electrical power MW ;).
A low-pressure turbine drive (2 atm 0 05 atm) (residual steam in steam boiler or CHP. Parameters inlet steam turbine drive Q-30t.para/chas, P-2, 5 atm, 2.5 MW generator produces electric energy).

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