UK: Rays of Death — who kidnapped their humanity?




The idea of creating "ultimate weapon", striking the enemy at distances sverhogromnyh, owned by humanity "since the beginning of time." However, closer to its implementation progress has been only about a hundred years ago.

And, if at the present stage of such weapons are strategic missiles and long-range bombers (ie, physical media warheads), in the early twentieth century engineering thought was moving in a somewhat different direction — the transfer of destructive energy not in the form of bombs, mines and shells, and immediate effect on the opposing party a deadly wave radiation. For some reason, this line of military engineering is not widespread, but the practical implementation of the ideas are not advanced beyond single prototype, which subsequently were quickly destroyed.

Name the English electrical engineer Harry Grindella Matthews (1880-1941) is inseparably connected with the famous phrase "death rays." The Englishman went to his "great" (as he proudly pronounced) open long. Yeshe before the First World War, he was obsessed with the idea of wireless communications. In 1911, he was able to make radio contact with is in the air military pilot Hucks at 3-kilometers. The next invention Matthews — wireless phone, an analogue of modern "mobile phones" — even attracted the attention of British high society. There are photos in which Harry politely conversing with the future Prime Minister Lloyd George.

In those same years, he suggested the concept of "death ray." Interestingly, he immediately got a loan from the War Department on the development of the instrument in the amount of 25,000 pounds. But the first results appeared only in 1923. In tests of the prototype in the presence of journalists Grindell Matthews killed a rat with its rays and the engine stopped working (can not help but recall the effects — the refusal of electronics, mechanical stop devices, intermittent paralysis of living creatures — arising from the close appearance of unidentified flying objects). Despite the fact that this was only the first, trial demonstration, the military considered the result unsatisfactory. A scandal broke out, the parties did not shun any unlawful taking, that defame the enemy. In the midst of a scandal Matthews unexpectedly offered his services to France. The British government did not want to lose priority in this area and officially involved in the campaign to discredit Electrical Engineering. In the fire of "conflict" was lost and vanished idea lethal device, and now it is impossible to establish any principle of the installation or in general "was a boy."

In fairness it should be noted that Matthews was not the first who carried out the transfer of power over a long distance charge. Brilliant scientist and inventor Nikola Tesla (1856-1943, an American with roots Serbo-Croatian) carried out an experiment in 1908, of which there are records in the recently discovered manuscripts belonging to the scientist:

"I got the idea that if I can create a resonance system between the Moon and the Earth, then the power of the transmitter may be small, and the energy of this system can extract enormous. Performing calculations, what energy can be extracted, I was surprised. Based followed that the energy extracted from the system, it is enough to destroy a large city … And then, after reading in the newspapers about the unusual phenomena, I realized what a terrible weapon created. course, I expected it to be a violent explosion, but it was not even a blast — it was a disaster. "

"The unusual phenomenon", which learned from the newspapers Tesla is an effect which appeared in the fall of so-called "Tunguska". The fact is that in the course of an experiment conducted Tesla June 30, 1908, he sent a powerful beam of electromagnetic energy in the Siberian taiga and … created the "Tunguska miracle." Aware of the ethical principles of scientific researchers of his heritage is safe to say that the "experimental resonance installation and documentation for it was destroyed by his own inventor."

Around the same time, made his discovery and the mysterious Russian scientist M. Filippov. In the words of the inventor himself: "I can play the short beam of radio waves the full force of the explosion. Blast wave is completely transmitted along the carrier electromagnetic waves and thus the charge of dynamite exploded in Moscow, can transfer the impact to Constantinople …". The fate of Filippova, not like Nicola Tesla, tragic. In the prime of his 45-year-old scientist was killed in his lab. Manuscripts, the results of experiments, the drugs and devices Filippova disappeared.

Mysterious "death rays" has always excited the imagination: after using them so easy to solve all their problems — whether it is a kind of superpower, the ambitious regime, the terrorist organization or the revolutionary underground. However, the secrets of creating simple but at the same time extremely effective (read: extremely deadly) wireless devices to transmit power over a distance still waiting for their "X".

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