Ukraine embarked on a contract for the supply of new tanks to Thailand Hold

As UNIAN correspondent, reported by the deputy director general of the state company "Ukroboronprom" Vladimir Kuratchenko, commenting on the implementation of foreign orders at the state enterprise "Plant them. Malyshev "(Kharkov).

According to him, the factory has already started pre-production to mass production of tanks "Hold", is funding work in the system of co-operation involved about 40 companies in Ukraine.

"This is a big overseas contract for the production of a new generation of tanks. The plant receives the advance payment under the contract, makes an advance payment to their suppliers 40 in Ukraine and begins production of these machines, "- said V.KURATCHENKO. In other words, he added, "is in full swing preparing for all enterprises to implement the Thai contract."

"We have already started" — confirmed the words of Acting V.KURATCHENKO General Manager of the plant. Malyshev Nikolai Belov, answering journalists’ questions about when the company begins execution of the order of Thailand.

"The launch of these vehicles, which will be implemented in 2012, 2013 and most likely in 2014, increases in times production plant. Malyshev relative to 2011 ", — said V.KURATCHENKO.

According to acting General Designer KB Kharkov them. Vladimir Morozov VAKULENKO, the current sample of the tank "Hold" developed KMDB is "a basic vehicle for deliveries abroad", but at the request of the customer tank will have certain changes.

"Certainly, the foreign buyer put their claims to this machine, and about 40 of more than 100 design teams will be modified to customer requirements — said V.VAKULENKO. — It is quite extensive and development work in order to change the existing documentation, and a large amount of work to be performed by Plant. Malyshev for pre-production for these specific requirements. "

Among these requirements, the designer called, in particular, an air conditioning system for comfortable operation of tankers, some changes to the internal equipment, communications and headsets, as well as changes in the crew accommodation.

"There will be other colors, that is, the number of points that differ from the one machine that we do for the Army of Ukraine. It worked out, and will be implemented. The engine remains the same, "- said V.VAKULENKO.

According to UNIAN, September 1, 2011 "Ukrspecexport" has signed a contract with the armed forces of the Kingdom of Thailand for the supply of a new batch of armored vehicles. Under the contract, Ukraine will manufacture and supply in Thailand 49 units of a main battle tank "Hold." The total contract value is much higher than $ 200 million. USA. Company will carry out the order, which became part of the "Ukroboronproma." According to experts, the current tank contract — the largest since the conclusion of Ukraine’s famous ‘Pakistani’ contract.

Tank "Stronghold" was created by Design Bureau. Morozov. In 2009, the car entered service of the Ukrainian army. The first batch of 10 units of tanks "Hold" is ordered by the Ministry of Defence. Mass production of cars began to plant them. Malyshev in Kharkov. The first sample of the tank in the exposition of Ukraine was shown at the 10th international arms exhibition IDEX-2011 in Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates) in February 2011.

Features MBT "Hold": weight — 51 tons, crew — 3 persons, engine: 6TD-2 1200 hp Armament: 125 mm tank gun, coaxial machine gun 7.62 mm anti-aircraft gun-type remote 12.7 mm Speed 70 km / h, fuel range — 450 km. The tank provides the performance of combat missions in different climatic, weather and road conditions in the ambient temperature range from -40 ° C to +55 ° C.

PS appeared initially had the wrong picture, her tank "Scimitar"

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