Ukraine has created a unique craft project of the coastal zone

Ukraine has created a project Sea Magic SM150 — coastal ship, which is a high-speed ship single body. 

The project was developed in Nikolaev Ukrainian specialists state enterprise "Research and Design Center of Shipbuilding" under the auspices of the Ukrainian-British joint venture Fast Craft Naval Supplies (UK) Limited.

On the ship, have been widely used stealth-technology. Thus, the slope of the flat surface of the superstructure and turret, bulwarks contribute to the scattering of the reflected radar waves and reduce their intensity, that is, the secondary radar field of the ship. The layout of rooms and corridors facilitates the free movement of personnel on the ship without going to the upper deck.

Ship Sea Magic SM150 is designed for operations in coastal waters and shallow sea areas to ensure the safety of navigation in its own coastal zone and in the most important areas of the maritime industry. Time autonomously for 60 days. The crew of 14 people on board when it can is 94 people.

There is a helicopter landing deck for light helicopters Robinson R44 / Bell 206B-3.

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