Ukraine has successfully returned the $ 500 million debt

Ukraine, Monday, June 25, on time and in full repaid released in 2007, five-year Eurobonds for $ 500 million, the repayment of which is also the last coupon rate of 6.385% per annum. As the press service of the Ministry of Finance, all holders of listed securities was $ 515.965 million

According to the State Treasury, excluding specified payments in the year to June 25 of the general fund paid Rs 11.43 billion to service the debt (USD 7.89 billion — on foreign debt) and 27.93 billion USD — in repayment of debt ( 9.62 billion USD — in appearance).

In this case, a payment plan for January-May were respectively 9.4 billion and Rs 16.54 billion USD, and in January-June — UAH 13.36 billion and 40.15 billion USD.

The placement volume of government bonds in the year to June 25 amounted to 41.76 billion USD in terms of borrowing in January-May 50.53 billion USD and in January-June of 58.5 billion USD. In this case, no external borrowings.

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