Ukraine hits record on export of onions

The main buyers of "tear" vegetable — Russia and Moldova

2012 was a record for Ukraine on export of onions. While sales continue to rise at the beginning of 2013, the agency argued AgriSurvey Association "Ukrainian Agribusiness Club" (ASTP).

According to Taras Gagalyuk, director of the agency AgriSurvey ASTP, the export of onion from Ukraine in recent years has increased significantly.

"If you look at the dynamics of the last three years, in contrast to other vegetable borsch group — the same cabbage and potatoes — onion exports grew by leaps and bounds, and in 2012 amounted to nearly 19 tons. And it’s 12 times more than the year before, and 7.5 times more than last year, "- says the expert.

Moreover, since the beginning of 2013 farmers have not ceased to increase shipments "tear" of culture in foreign markets. In January it was exported more than 9 tons of onion, which is 2.3 times more than in December 2012, and 250 times more than in January last year.

The main reasons for increasing exports Gagalyuk finds attractive selling price in the importing countries.

"The main external markets for domestic onion — is the Russian Federation and Moldova. In these countries, the importing onion price is at 2.7 UAH / kg, which is more than double the price in Ukraine ", — said the expert. These conditions, in his opinion, are sufficiently attractive to domestic producer could earn

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