Ukraine holds the world leader in the production of honey

Ukraine in recent years, remains confident a place in the top three world leaders in the production of honey, according to Ukrainian Agribusiness Club referring to the agency AgriEvent.

"Ahead of the European countries in terms of production of honey several times, at the same time, Ukraine is the first in the world in the production of honey per capita among major manufacturers with the value of 1.5 kg", — said the director Anatoly AgriEvent Tsirkun.

The closest competitor to Ukraine for the production of honey in the EU — Spain, which is in the world ranking by 11 positions below.

Experts point out that if in 2010 the main buyer of Ukrainian honey was Russia, starting from 2011, the basic supplies were from Germany — 39% and 43% of exports in 2011 and 2012, respectively.

"It is also a positive trend is the steady increase in exports of honey from Ukraine, who for the past three years has almost doubled from about 7 to 13 thousand tons respectively. 2013 in this regard will not be less productive — for the first half was exported 7.9 million tons, and in general, it is expected that exports for the year will be about 20 thousand tons of this trend is the result of the fact that agricultural producers are pay more attention to niche products, in part by reducing the risk of sharp price fluctuations in the grains and oilseeds "- says Tsirkun.

According to him, last year’s honey production in Ukraine amounted to 70.3 thousand tons, or 40% more than in 2000. Regionally, the largest producers of honey in 2012 became Donetsk (10 thousand tons of honey), Nicholas (6 tons) and Zhytomyr region (5 tons).

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