Ukraine is among the five leading countries in the number of space launches

"Over the 20 years of the State Space Agency of Ukraine gained recognition in the international arena of space-faring nations and among the top five countries by the number of starts per year ongoing", — said Yu.Alekseev. Ukrainian rocket will start today with four space centers and the implementation of the project "Cyclone-4" will allow Ukraine in 2013 the launching of a new carrier rocket "Cyclone-4" from the Brazilian Alcantara space center.
Chapter GKAU noted that the Ukrainian missiles are known in the world for its reliability and the ability of the spacecraft orbit precision. According to him, the evidence of this is the fact that for 20 years, made 125 starts, Ukrainian rocket put into orbit 238 satellites commissioned 19 countries.
Yu.Alekseev also recalled that the Ukrainian engines mounted on the top step of the European rocket "Vega" is implemented as a joint project of the U.S. launch vehicle "Antares". At the enterprises of the Ukrainian space industry commercially manufactured control systems for the Russian carrier rockets "Soyuz", "Proton", "rumble", "Boom", docking equipment for the ISS, devices for spacecraft "Soyuz" and "Progress".
In addition, according to the head GKAU, the agency in conjunction with industry leaders to successfully co-ordinates and carries out a number of strategic projects, in particular, the establishment of multi-operational-tactical missile complex "Peregrine Falcon" for the Ministry of Defence, the draft national satellite communications systems, and others.

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