Ukraine resumes Antarctic shrimp fishing

For the first time in the last four years, the six-month Atlantic saltwater fishing for krill in the Antarctic waters from the dock fishing port of Sevastopol sail only Ukrainian supertrawlers — RKTS "Sea of the Commonwealth." One of the goals of long-haul flight — check in Action experimental model plant for the production krilevogo fat.  

State Agency of Fisheries of Ukraine reported that the repair ship built in 1986, upgrading and rehabilitation of its mechanisms needed more than fifty million hryvnia. — The works were carried out capital — says chief mate Pavel Voloshin. — One of only two decks replaced by the tons. For its part, the State Agency of Fisheries of Ukraine ensures timely payment of contributions to the budget of the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR), which is more than one hundred thousand dollars of annual payments from the state budget, which allows our vessels to fish in the Antarctic with all the rules of international law. Specialists themselves from the fish farm of the State Agency of Ukraine claim that this sailing is more experimental, because in addition to the traditional RKTS manufacture and storage of products, it will attempt to master the production of new products with the latest achievements of science and technology. Namely — it comes to producing krilevogo fat — on the "super" "Sea of the Commonwealth" is set prototype plant for the production of this product. Since the experimental sample, it is still difficult to talk about the effectiveness of the use of resources of the vessel on a different scale, utilizing the most out of them by making krilevogo fat. This will take the economists. We note only — krilevoy fat, surpassing many natural antioxidants, has three major components that make it a valuable ingredient in short supply of medical drugs that is more effective than the existing counterparts. However, the main purpose of the Ukrainian ‘super’, where the captain of the ship captain Sergey Sheremet, yet there remains a catch and processing of arctic krill and fish. "Sea commonwealth" accommodates neither more nor less than the first hold — 300 tonnes of finished products, the second — 400, the third — and fourth 60 700 tons, which, in fact, makes it supertrawlers. Fedor Chistyakov  

Source: New Sevastopol

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