Ukraine set an absolute record for the production of apple


In 2012, Ukraine produced more than 150 tons of concentrated apple juice, which is an absolute record for Ukraine. In 2013, this figure could rise even more dramatically

Ukraine is actively increasing the production of concentrated apple juice. According to the portal, following the results of 2012 domestic enterprises have produced a record 151 million tonnes. For comparison, in 2011 was made a little less than 78 thousand tons of juice, and in 2010 — 67 thousand tons. Prior to this record for manufacturers of apple juice was in 2007. Then it was squeezed out of 100 thousand tons of juice. Such a sharp increase in the production of concentrated apple juice can be attributed to two key factors. First, a high yield of apples last year. Second, the increase in production capacity for the production of apple juice concentrate.

According to the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, last year, growers harvested about 1 million tons of apples. The ministry pointed out that through the use of new varieties and new technologies, the average yield of apple orchards in the Ukrainian increased by 50%. In 2011, Ukraine ranked fourth in the world in the production of apples.

The growth of processing capacity

The largest producer of apple juice concentrate in Ukraine is company "Yablunevyi gift," which, incidentally, is the third largest producer of juice in Europe. Company "Yablunevyi gift" squeezed more than 40% of the total produced in Ukraine, concentrated apple juice.

Company "Yablunevyi Gift" is a company TBFruit, which belongs to Taras Barschovskomu.

In 2012, the group has launched another TBFruit plant apple concentrate in Lipovec (Vinnytsia region). Starting power companies — 800 tons of apples per day. In 2013, the company plans to increase this capacity by three times. Investment in the construction of the plant accounted for 9.5 million euros

In addition to the plant in the winery, the group owns three companies TBFruit plant in Ukraine — in Khmelnitsky, in Kharkiv and Lviv region in the Borough. The group of companies also includes factory TBFruit Dwikozy (Poland), the company’s "Tank Trans Ukraine" and Tank Trans Polska, who are engaged in domestic and international transport of liquid cargo tankers, as well as horticultural complex of 550 hectares of orchards of apple, cherries, strawberries and raspberries.

In 2013, a group of companies TBFruit plans put into operation in Poland plant juice concentrates and invested in its construction about 12 million euros. According TBFruit, it will be the second factory owner TBFruit Taras Barschovskogo in Poland.

This significant increase in production capacity for processing apples in Ukraine means that up to 2013 the current record of 150 thousand tons of concentrated apple juice will be broken.

Ukrainian concentrated apple juice consumed as Ukrainian producers of juices and exported abroad.

Data on the largest producers of apple juice provided


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