Ukraine supplied to the Russian nuclear power plants under construction equipment for $ 140 million

In 2011, the Ukrainian companies have put on the Russian nuclear power plants under construction equipment in excess of $ 140 million. This was announced today at a press conference, the Deputy Director General for Development and International Business of the state corporation "Rosatom" Kirill Komarov.

According to him, it is "good figure", but on the potential of the Ukrainian industry is far from exhausted, and the Russian side is interested in deepening cooperation "and the construction of nuclear power plants in Russia, and in the construction of the stations in our design in a third country." "Russia today has the largest of all the countries which have nuclear technology, backlog of orders for the construction of nuclear power plants. Today, we are building a 9 blocks in the Russian Federation, and have a backlog of orders abroad, where about 21 blocks ", — he explained. Komarov said that "this is a huge order" and, in this regard, "Ukraine can play a very significant role in the cooperation, and in the supply of (equipment)." "It’s no secret that our technological and industrial base built on a common foundation. Ukrainian enterprises without special investment can easy to produce equipment for our facilities. Ukrainian builders are able to participate in our projects that today in fact already happening, "- said the deputy head of" Rosatom ".

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