Ukraine will join to create a heavy-ion collider NICA

Ukraine will take part in the creationColliderNICA heavy ions in Dubna (RF).

The corresponding protocol was signed on August 8 in Dubna at an international meeting of authorized representatives of the Governments of the Member States OIYAD (Joint Institute for Nuclear Research), reportsPress ServiceState Agency on Science, Innovations and Informatization of Ukraine.

 "As a result of the meeting of the representatives of Ukraine, Belarus, Bulgaria, Germany and Kazakhstan signed a letter of intent to participate in the creation of heavy-ion collider NICA in Dubna near Moscow," — said in a press release.

As noted in the Gosinformnauki, the project "Complex NICA" is a world leader in research on the physics of high-energy heavy nuclei, in its preparation involves more than 300 scientists from 70 institutes from 32 countries. Now and Ukrainian scientists will be able to carry out basic research, the implementation of which is not available in other accelerator centers in the world. "To attach to the project, Ukrainian scientists, engineers and technicians will be able to gain experience, which in the future will create a new trend in the field of medical technology, will facilitate the establishment of new specialties — in nuclear medicine," — noted in the agency.

Moreover, adherence to the NICA project will provide an opportunity to attract high-tech industry to the state of the project and will contribute to the revival of microelectronics industry in Ukraine, stated in Gosinformnauki.

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