Ukrainian court sided with the Russian Federation: The Cabinet has to pay $ 400 million of debt were directed

Ukrainian court partially granted the Defense Ministry, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine obliged to pay about $ 400 million of debt the corporation were directed.


Kyiv Economic Court partially granted the Russian Defense Ministry to the Cabinet on the debt the corporation "United Energy Systems of Ukraine," and ordered the government of Ukraine to pay the Russian side 3,000,000,000 113,000,000 53 thousand 506 UAH 26 kopecks (about 390 million dollars). The corresponding decision the court announced today.
"The court has decided to partially satisfy the claim. A claim of the Defense Ministry to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, the Ukrainian Goskaznachestvu of foreclosure 3 billion 113 million 53 thousand 506 hryvnia 26 kopecks to satisfy. And in the rest of the plaintiff’s claim to refuse. Recover from the state budget of Ukraine by indisputably writing off the state treasury Service Ukraine from any account identified during the execution of a court decision in favor of the Defense Ministry receivable 3,000,000,000 113,000,000 53 thousand 506 hryvnia 26 kopecks. As well as the court fee in the amount of 61 thousand 862 UAH 74 kopecks, "- read the decision Judge Anatoly Ivchenko.


The presiding judge at the trial Anatoly Ivchenko said that the finding of a state guarantee has been made on the basis of the content of the letters signed by the Government of Ukraine at that time occupied the post of Prime Minister Pavel Lazarenko, the former head of the Russian government Viktor Chernomyrdin. Earlier, the Cabinet of Ministers Andrei Bogdan argued that the position expressed by Lazarenko in these letters expresses only "personal opinion certain public official." In this regard, the government guarantees on debt Ukrainian corporation, according to Bogdan, could not be.

Large arrears were directed founded in the 90s. The company then engaged in the supply of Russian gas to Ukrainian enterprises in return for industrial products. A portion of this product was used to pay for fuel for barter, and the rest was exported. Russian Ministry of Defense were directed, according to the agreement, was to put the building materials and furniture for debt for gas received from Moscow. However, the Ukrainian company has not fulfilled its obligations, and the Russian side has received less goods to 405 million dollars.

Already in 2011 the Defense Ministry in Kiev sent a letter reminding them of the debt. The Security Service of Ukraine on the basis of this opened a criminal investigation into the former chairwoman of the EESU Yulia Tymoshenko (She led the company until his premiership — from 1995 to 1997). She was accused of tax evasion and attempted theft of budget funds (which, according to the SBU, was the fact that Tymoshenko was trying to translate corporate debt were directed to the state).

At the same time, Ukrainian authorities were contradictory statements about the debt. In the summer of 2011, Prime Minister Mykola Azarov said that Kiev is not going to return the Russian debt "Ukrainian national electricity grid." However, later the Attorney General Victor Pshonka nevertheless acknowledged that the debt exists, and the government must find the means to pay for it.


The judge said that the court decision comes into force, if no appeal is filed. In the case of such an appeal and the confirmation of the decision of the court, it shall enter into force after the decision of the appellate court.





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