Ukrainian CRM system is recognized as the best in the international competition


Announced the results of the international competition CRM Idol. Domestic development GK Terrasoft, system BPMonline CRM, awarded the title of CRM Idol 2011 in EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa).

Of the 60 decisions, taking part in the competition, BPMonline CRM has become the first-ever winner of CRM Idol.

BPMonline CRM-system was chosen the winner of a majority decision — opinion leaders CRM-market and thousands of audience who looked roller.

The main advantage of BPMonline CRM — the union of two into one product technologies BPM + CRM. Powerful platform business process management (BPM), which is built CRM functionality is a solution that has no analogues in the CIS market.

As noted by the judges of the contest, world-renowned experts CRM-market product contains one of the best graphic designers that are on the market and really simplifies the configuration of the system to ordinary users. In BPMonline CRM elegantly introduces the concept of process-driven CRM. The system clear and easy to use and provides the tools for deep customization at sufficiently low cost.

"We are making big bets on one of the latest developments of the company — BPMonline CRM, which combines advanced business process management (BPM) and customer relationship management (CRM). And, of course, we are very pleased that the product was so highly regarded worldwide CRM-community ", commented on winning the contest Katerina Kostereva, managing partner of the group of companies Terrasoft.

About the CRM Idol contest

CRM Idol 2011 contest held this year for the first time. It should be noted that the CRM Idol was the main event of the western CRM-market, as from the beginning actively supported by more than 50 opinion leaders, journalists, bloggers and consultants.

Under the terms of the competition, to take part in it no more than 60 companies (20 from Europe, the Middle East and Asia, 40 from North and South America). After a preliminary review, 20 companies from 60 advanced to the semifinals. Following a further interview the judges of the competition were identified 7 finalists — three European and four North American. According to the voting of the 7 finalists were selected two winners — one from the region of America, one — from Europe, Central Asia and Africa.

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