Ukrainian fencing team brought home the whole set of awards

  • Ukraine national fencing / Photo from official site
  • Ukraine national fencing / Photo from official site

In Budapest ended World Fencing Championships, where the last day of a gold medal in the team event on women’s saber team won the Ukraine.

According to the official website of the competition, the team played Olga Harlan, Galina Pundyk, Alina Komaschuk and Elena Voronina.

At the end of one prick Ukrainian defeated current champions — the Russians — 45:44. Harlan delivered the winning point.

Women’s team of Ukraine became a two-time world champion. Earlier, Ukrainian women have excelled in 2009 in Antalya. Harlan was the team leader of a triple world champion, having won the gold eve private.

On the way to the highest dignity Ukrainian awards previously won alternately teams of Kazakhstan (45:20), China (45:31) and Italy (45:34).

In the match for the bronze medal U.S. team surpassed rivals from Italy — 45:30.

At the end of the championship in the team event, Ukraine took the third place, winning four medals — two gold, one silver and one bronze.

The winning team Rosiii (3-5-3), the second was the Italians (3-0-3), the fourth — Estonians (2-0-0).

The total number of awards leaders: Russia (11), Italy (6) and Ukraine (4).

Besides gold Harlan in the individual competition and a team silver won by the team epee — Bogdan Nikishin, Dmitry Karyuchenko, Vitaly Medvedev and Anatoly Gerey and bronze — in the asset fencers Rostislav Gertsik.


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