Ukrainian schoolchildren subdued International Mendeleev


Osem Awards brought the Ukrainian team of students from Uzbekistan, which hosted the 47th International Mendeleev Olympiad — a prestigious competition for chemistry in the camp of the CIS, Baltic and South-Eastern Europe.


For seven days, 118 students from 17 countries tested their theoretical knowledge and practical skills. As a result of the competition Ukrainian national team, which consisted of eight students grades 10-11, won two gold, two silver and four bronze medals.

Andrew won the Olympic gold Stelmach, a graduate of the Lviv Physics and Mathematics Lyceum at Lviv National University. Franko and Alexander Vygovskiy, a graduate of the Kharkov school number 47. Kiyani Christopher Khokhlov, who is studying in high school science and the natural number 145, and Mary Anapolskiy, a graduate of the Kiev-Pechersk school № 171 "leader" brought home "silver." The bronze medals were won by just four Ukrainians: the student of the Kiev school № 100 "Hem" Roman Didenko, a graduate of the Vinnytsia physico-mathematical school number 17, Alexander Lyashuk, students of Lviv Physics and Mathematics Lyceum Oleg Gordiychuk and Vladislav Neshta.

"International competition of this level are very important for the talented young people: they allow you to test and verify the knowledge of the forces. The opportunity to participate in the International Mendeleev Olympiad we owe a large chemical companies that believe in our students and support our talented students — commented Lilia Aleksin teacher Lviv Physics and Mathematics Lyceum, which this year has produced three winners of the competition. — The kids are back very happy, they got a taste of victory and even enthusiastically preparing for the next competition. "

General sponsor of the Ukrainian national team made holding OSTCHEM, combining enterprise nitric Chemistry Group DF. Help Olympians carried out within the program of support for the school of Chemical Education, initiated by the Firtash, founder of Group DF.

OSTCHEM the second consecutive year, helping to organize Ukrainian chemical competitions among school children, support the national team in various international competitions, highlights special scholarships for teachers, pupils are gaining supremacy in the competition, students give gifts to the winners. In particular, this year the students have received as a gift from holding tablet PC.

"We, as a group, will continue to support chemical education, provide additional opportunities for young people as much as possible to motivate the development of chemistry. We want to see these talented people in the future to work on Ukrainian enterprises in favor of Chemical Science. Support for a new generation — a key objective, "- said Dmitry Firtash.

Supporting the Ukrainian schoolchildren holding OSTCHEM not only took care of all the organizational costs of participation in the Olympiad team in Tashkent, but also provided the purchase of modern equipment and reagents for laboratory Kharkov National University of Ukraine them. Karazina where students will be prepared for the International Chemistry Olympiad.

"Chemistry — an experimental science, it requires modern equipment. No reagents and equipment that provided the main sponsor, we would have been difficult to prepare Ukrainian team for international competitions, "- said Yuri Choline, scientific director of the International Olympic team of Ukraine in Chemistry, Vice Rector of Kharkiv National University, Ukraine.

In July 2013, Moscow will host the 45th International Chemistry Olympiad for schoolchildren — the most prestigious competition in the world, which this time will bring together students from 80 countries. Ukrainian students must still compete with each other for the right to take part in this tournament. Now young chemists are preparing for the qualifying stage, which will be held from 5 to 12 June on the basis of Kharkiv National University of Ukraine named. Karazina. Four students who will show the best results, with the support of the holding OSTCHEM will travel to Russia to represent our country. Recall, according to the results of last year’s International Chemistry Olympiad among schoolchildren in the United States, Ukrainian team got into the top ten teams in the world.


International Mendeleev Olympiad (IMO abbreviated, Eng. International Mendeleev Olympiad, IMO) — a competition in chemistry, which is held annually in late April — early May among students of the CIS countries, the Baltic States and South-Eastern Europe. Contest consists of three stages: two theoretical and one experimental. Based on the results of three rounds, participants receive a gold, silver, bronze or participation diploma.

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