Ukrainian schoolgirl took the grand prize at the contest in Russian language

Pupil school number 18, from Donetsk Valery Moiseev became the owner of the Grand Prix at the International Olympiad in St. Petersburg on the Russian language and culture for students from the countries of the CIS and Baltic countries. It is reported KP in Ukraine.
Arrived in St. Petersburg 70 top students from 12 countries of the CIS and Baltic countries, the jury entered the Olympiad professors of St. Petersburg Academy of Postgraduate Pedagogical Education.

11 klassnitsa from Donetsk surpassed all competitors. Moreover, her own high school number 18 — ukrainskayayu Russian literature there generally do not study, and the Russian language — optional.

"I have a Russian-speaking family, parents — businessmen, to philology have nothing to do. I always fond of Russian language and literature — is, by the way, is not surprising for Donbass — says the girl. — In the Ukrainian school I went deliberately to be equally proficient in both languages. Other than that, I’m interested in world history, especially the history of art. And I graduated from music school, piano, seven years she sang in the choir. "

By the way, this is the second international victory, which involved a representative of the Donetsk school. In 2010, the first place in such an international competition won a then-11-klassnitsa Seraphim White.

The girl is now successfully studying at the Russian State Institute of Russian Language. AS Pushkin, where immediately after the Olympics were invited to study on a budget talented contestant.

The right to priority admission to the universities of Moscow and St. Petersburg has now received and Valery Moiseev — this is the main "bonus" Olympiad. Schoolgirl has not yet determined with the university. Selects between the Kiev National University. Shevchenko State University. But just wanted to be a diplomat and specialize in the CIS and Baltic countries.

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