Ukrainian scientists have invented a unique scalpel

  • Scalpel in action.  Photo by: A. Yaremchuk, Today
  • Scalpel in action. Photo by: A. Yaremchuk, Today

Scientists from the National Institute of Aerospace aviauniversiteta and developed a liquid jet scalpel, which will allow the operations in the liver, stomach, removal of malignant tumors virtually no damage the vascular system. Scalpel has been successfully tested on animals.

"In the apparatus designed to carry out operations on the internal organs, implemented the so-called jet technology — said the" Today "is one of the authors of new products, research project leader Professor Viktor Bocharov. — It is used in the aircraft industry, and now in medicine. Under the influence of high pressure non-muscle tissue is removed with little or no damage to the vascular system, ie, with minimal blood loss and reducing the risk of operations. "

After certification, the device wants to launch into production. Director of the Center of Surgery, Professor Vladimir Skiba says scalpel best western counterparts — it is reliable, economical and reusable 

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