Ukrainian surgeons conducted a unique operation and rescued

child’s life

Ukrainian girl from Kazakhstan surgeons heal supercomplex heart disease by saving her life.

Medics patched heart of a child.
Ukrainian cardiologists saved the life of a girl from Kazakhstan, because they put supercomplex congenital heart disease, which rarely survive to adulthood. Parents of little Aisha several years sought help and appealed to the cardiologists from around the world, but they refused to operate, but surgeons Ukrainian Center of Pediatric Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery decided — says the story TSN.19 30. Mother of the girl‘s eyes now shining with happiness. Her five year old daughter to live — it is a promise to Ukrainian doctors. Ten days have passed since then, as Aisha was operated on and fixed that have confused nature.


In Aisha — pulmonary atresia, blood from the heart to the lungs came not through a large vessel, as it should be, and numerous small. Because of this, Aisha often suffocated the girl was hard to move, and doctors of the three countries in which the mother asked for help, advised to accept. See also: Ukrainian cardiologists asked the government more money for operations that prevent people from dying mother knew that only half of children with heart disease, like Aisha, live to the year. That will help in Kiev, the woman found out by accident, because in Kazakhstan came Ukrainian surgeons and selected children with severe heart defects, only to operate in the Ukrainian capital. In Kiev hospital Aisha stayed a month and on Thursday returned to Kazakhstan. In Kiev, to show how the heart underwent surgery, Aisha will be back in six months. If all goes as planned the doctors, the girl is waiting for another operation. Chance to survive and be healthy at the Center for Pediatric Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery presented annually thirty children with pulmonary atresia. This is despite the fact that in some countries, seeing a pregnant woman that the baby has this heart defect, it is advised not to give birth. Recall that in Kiev are saving children with half of the heart. TSN correspondent Oksana Sherbina.
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