Ultra-modern vegetable store opened in Zavyalovo (Udmurt Republic)

The company ZAO "RosEvroplant", producing and selling high-quality seed potatoes in more than 40 regions of Russia have opened an ultra-modern vegetable storage capacity of 6,000 tons in the village Zavyalovo.

As the executive director Andrew Neustroev, vegetable stores that level in Russia is not more than a dozen. Installed in the store a unique system of ventilation and air-conditioning, European containers made of wood provide a high quality seed and reduce the loss of up to 8 times during storage.

Automatic temperature control allows you to store and ship potatoes throughout the year. Robotic line for sorting, weighing and packaging eliminates human error and increases the quality and speed of root crops. #

Seed potatoes, packed in environmentally friendly packaging, will be available in stores under the brand name of the republic "Village Green."

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