Ulyanovsk officials have banned official cars more expensive 1000000


The head of the Ulyanovsk region Sergey Morozov, said on Tuesday that he had signed a document that limits the cost of official vehicles for regional civil servants.

 "He signed a decree according to which the value of an employee’s cars for the regional leaders should not exceed one million rubles for municipal — 700 thousand rubles," Morozov wrote-in Twitter.

Earlier, the head of the Ulyanovsk region suggested officials, heads of districts and regions, change from cars domestic production of cars, for example, or LADA UAZ.

"You have to be more modest" — Morozov wrote in Twitter. The head of the region are alsoasked leader of his unit Svetlana Openyshevu limit the maximum value of cars for employees.

that all officials of the Ulyanovsk region already support the Russian auto industry: Toyota Camry, Skoda and Hyundai, according to her, going to Russia. However, she did not specify whether the use of the Ulyanovsk officials this particular transport.

Ulyanovsk Governor himself moved to an official car Mercedes-Benz S350. In the summer of 2012 photographed the car parked in the parking lot for the disabled.

Morozov then explained thatwilling to payrelying in this case, a fine, and promised to hold explanatory conversation with their drivers.

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