Ulyanovsk region single aviation cluster

Having received a large order from the Ministry of Defence to supply modernized Il-476, Ulyanovsk aircraft manufacturers parts makers invited to participate in this project and thus create a single aviation cluster. Now it includes 170 enterprises, and this figure will rise. The competitive environment, according to the participants of the conference, will break the monopoly that now exists in the industry, and reduce the cost of the aircraft. 

Immediately after the first successful demonstration flight in October last year signed a contract to supply 38 transport aircraft for the military. Release of the IL-76 seven years ago decided to move from Uzbekistan to Russia, and in that time in Ulyanovsk region was in fact created a new production.

His predecessor 476 th similar only in appearance. Engines have become less noisy — which means that the aircraft be allowed to land at any international airport — and more economical. Airframe, wing and landing gear strengthened — as a result of new freighter on board can take more than 13 tons. In the cockpit — a new control panel and navigation. Before the aircraft manufacturers are opened wide horizons to 2025 they plan to release 200 civilian aircraft — such as for forest fires or cargo by the polar explorers.

"We need a civil certification. On the one hand, on the request of the Ministry of Emergency Situations — very important for them to have a civil certification, because they fly around the world. Guess sometime after 2016 we really get down to the civil certification of the aircraft," — says CEO Director of the Ilyushin Aviation Complex Viktor Livanov. 

Under this project, "Aviastar" need five thousand skilled workers and professionals. For those who decide to move to Ulyanovsk, building a new residential community. "Personnel for us — it is the most expensive and most valuable in situations of development, when it is necessary to be a smooth build-up of production. We need to preserve the potential that now is, and to attract staff from outside", — says the director of "Aviastar-SP" Sergey Dementiev .

Such a massive project that could raise the aviation industry, aircraft manufacturers have been waiting a long time. After the collapse of the Soviet Union between the enterprises of the industry have been lost industrial relations. For many years, air transport was not a new development, no serial production of modified aircraft, and the old model began to develop flight resource.

Now there are no problems with financing. Work now, they say there will be many: the stocks of annual aircraft plant should go 18 transport aircraft.

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