UN: Losses from natural disasters in 2000 amounted to $ 2.5 trillion

May 16, 2013. The damage caused by natural disasters since 2000 to $ 2.5 trillion, according to a report by the United Nations. The researchers analyzed the economic losses caused by natural disasters in 56 countries around the world.

In the report estimated only the direct economic losses, and the amount was much higher than previously thought.

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Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said that the power of the states bear the primary responsibility for disaster risk reduction, but about 80% of global investment in the construction industry and the development of key infrastructure in the private sector. Negligence and inaction on the part of entrepreneurs is criminal. The fact that the economic losses from natural disasters are ignored or downplayed, does not allow to reduce them, in partnership with the private sector, including investment banks and insurance companies, said UN Secretary-General.

One of the authors of the report, Andrew Maskrey noted that in 2012 alone there were more than 310 natural disasters, as a result, affecting more than 106 million people. UN urges businessmen and state corporations to pay attention to the risks related to natural disasters and is based on the shape of their investment strategy.

Source: RT

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