Under Barrow started an investment project for the production of goose meat

Growing up, the slaughter and processing of meat goose develop in the Urals.

In the Kurgan region started the implementation of the investment in growing, slaughtering and processing of meat goose capacity of 15 thousand tons per year. The corresponding agreement was signed by the government of the region, and the Scientific and Production Association "Gardening".

It is now being built in loudspeaker Safakulevskom area, working incubator.

"During this year, the company has incubated more than 25 thousand eggs and sold 10 thousand people, has 10 thousand pieces of rearing, — said the director of the regional department of agriculture and processing industry Sergey Zhdanov. — In the area Shumikhinskaya construction of the feed mill, and from next year will be built complex for fattening geese. "

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