Under the power of the mental virus, or How to distinguish from stuffing announcements

Under the power of the mental virus, or how to distinguish news from stuffingA string of scandalous news about the Russian Orthodox Church, some consider a centralized information attack, while others — the natural course of events. This can be a long debate, but you can just go and look at the facts and figures: to analyze all online publications on a particular controversial topic and see how the news broke, and what path did until it became all discussed. Such work had Igor Ashmanov — General Director of "Ashmanov and partners", known in the special field of artificial intelligence and Internet technology.

Mental virus

— Scandalous announcements about Russian Orthodox Church — as they evaluate from the standpoint of Internet technology: an information attack or just a huge amount of real newsworthy?

— Of course, this information attack. There is a monitoring technology news, which can "believe her algebra." There is a lot of relevant evidence that the continued publication of scandalous news about the Russian Orthodox Church and the Patriarch — it's not natural actions that motivate all by themselves for themselves, and "news", artificially promoted. Stuffing. Naturally, the presence of a certain trait or factor in announcements of itself is not a wholly-proof, but when they typed a few, the picture is completely clear …

— What is it all the same reasons?

— First, you need to immediately mentioned that stuffing and well-organized smear campaign look absolutely natural, and impossible to find the automatic analysis — to deal with the reliability of the messages themselves. But in a campaign like the one waged against the Russian Orthodox Church, a lot, quite clumsy, mechanical stuffing. Here you can recognize them automatically.

On the stuffing shows in-1's, the character himself announcements. Approximately half of all winter and vernal infopovodov that were used for travel to the Church, it is — "tuhlyak 'announcements of two or three years ago. For example, the theme of the Patriarch hours, surfaced in April. This is a story that tried the first time to promote a "Ukrainian Truth" Three years back, during the visit of the Patriarch to Ukraine. Or subject to the "flat Patriarch": the first mention of it — two-year-old. The same thing — the story of a boarding house, which takes away from the Church Tipo unhealthy babies. Not a lot of what all misquote, because the story itself again as old. Then it was news at the moment — no longer exists. But the organizers of the campaign every two or three weeks, need a new thrust in the direction of the Patriarch of the Church or in person. Often the Church, as a very large group, consisting of various people, manufactures its own right moment (the incident with the priests, for example), but this does not always happen. Because once she found nothing new — unravel the archives, print it to the top, "tuhlyak." Repackaged, doing a live and throwing it.

The second sign of stuffing — this character distribution. The daily chart of light in the web of the natural action connected with the Church — for example, Easter or the Patriarch's visit to another country — usually looks like a string of chaotic bursts (see Figure 1): a lot of different makers from different locations are writing different things at different times. But the daily chart stuffing — very sharp (see Figure 2). Mechanical stuffing looks like a sharp peak, in other words, a lot of "authors" republish actually one and the same, and most fascinating, often at the same time.

From time to time, place or strictly stuffing at 9:00 or severely at 15:00. This clumsiness strikes me the most. I can see the scheme of work: all the preparation for the nine-box stuffing had the other day — traveled around the cafe in the center of Moscow, porazdavali tools to bloggers, phoned, written off, etc. In the morning sent the text, gave the command to start. Or did before lunch — and then stuffing occurs at three day or.

Significantly besides what looks like a campaign, in other words, multiple stuffing the graph is not the day, and by week: they form a wavy "ledge" (see Figure 4), in other words, as one infopovod itself obsolete (curve at graphics omitted), it is necessary here to give after.

Another relevant feature of stuffing — the ratio of the number of reprints and originals. In other words, how much in relative terms were reports of copyright or other event, and how many — just copies. In our company is development, to identify even fuzzy reprints, when a blogger takes the original, changing places where paragraphs, adds a few words and language, in other words, the article provides for the author's text. So here, in original box stuffing strongly enough. The main thing — it doubles and doubles unclear (see Figure 2).

And the natural action of the originals — a lot (see Figure 1). The reason is clear: in the natural action of the highest importance, it is not necessary to artificially create, because he writes about many different correspondents who are not familiar with, and everyone — in their own words. And any of the author's publications from the standpoint of Internet search engine — special media event. And the stuffing — one or two originals, a lot — three to five. And a lot of copies (see Figures 1 and 2).

Discussion in blogs and social networks within the 1st day or:

Under the power of the mental virus, or how to distinguish news from stuffing

Under the power of the mental virus, or how to distinguish news from stuffing

In the end, the latest sign of stuffing — this character account on the social network from which proceeds the original message. Very often stuffing starts with less popular accounts. For example, there is some devchenka in the social network "Vkontakte" — hangs photos cats, flowers, etc., long enough — a few months — is a real acc. And suddenly there arises uncharacteristic, very long, very sensual lyrics about the fact that her dad is currently in the Crimean Tipo at the meeting and that there thousands of corpses, and the government is not doing anything … It is copied by everyone and everywhere. And then after four hours acc itself is locked.

Why are all signs of stuffing? Because if this acc malopopulyaren, but for a few hours to provoke a sharp burst of enthusiasm — which means to find out about it by means of the same social network was unreal. How — if that girls do not have many friends? It turns out that on this page indicated performers means external to the social network: again, phoned, written off, catapulted link to another social network, etc.

The final step stuffing — washing in the media. Information online resources in two or three hours pick up the story and make the news, which begins with the words: "In the web of writing that …". It's always interesting — in the last couple of years was forged a new me
thod how to remove the responsibility from the media: there were previously necessary to inspect the source disk imaging, and at the moment it is not required, they say, "it's the same people in the web writing, and we, the media, until just reprint. " A thrown so infopovod unwinds in the online media. And later, if you're lucky, falls short of favorite newspapers and television.

On the basis of these signs a campaign against the Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church, and can be considered as traditional information attack.

— But there is also another hitch: some anonymous bloggers catapulted the news, then that's just something to pick up her social networks completely real people, not stupid at the same time — your friends, and start to open a discussion, reflecting on what make conclusions …

— I call this phenomenon the mental virus. We are all susceptible to this. I remember one episode of the adjustment period. On Pushkin Square editorial about "Moscow News" hundred square meters, and from time to time tyschami going to people who are without annoying discussed politics. Stood for hours in the cold, in the rain … But as discussed? They rapidly retold each other that just read in the newspaper or on TV looked: exposing Stalin was elected Supreme Soviet of the USSR, Sakharov was not allowed to the podium … and it was like some kind of fever, plague on! They say it was not only in Moscow.

At the moment, there is the same — only the Web. In this case — people retell each other that they just disgusting learned about the Church. This is the real mental virus. Why? In 1-x, it triggers the disease, its main manifestation — it's a terrible anxiety at all, absolutely all news on the topic. And in-2, a person in such a situation goes dies: he gives it as his own world, but if you look, simply repeats what has just heard from the other, with the same arguments, with the same conclusions. This is natural — because the virus must itself constantly reproduce prototype. If the virus is altered, it can not spread — it mutates and goes out.

— What would you recommend to the church a man which reads all of this — and it from this bad? Withdraw from social networks, and can not keep up with the passage of time?

— I do not know the recipe. I can say one thing: do not confuse the concept of "average" and "normal." Conditional example: in the land of the rising sun average eyesight — minus three. But this does not mean that such a vision — the usual. Norm — is a wholly-owned vision. Here is the same. The fact that all the friends and acquaintances sit in the social network, it does not follow that it is normal.

Discussion in blogs and social networks for 2-weeks:

Under the power of the mental virus, or how to distinguish news from stuffing

Under the power of the mental virus, or how to distinguish news from stuffing

Emigrants from Orthodoxy

— Most people criticize the Church in general non-church, third-party …

— Yes, it seems to me particularly curious. I read blogs familiar — and could not understand why people who identify themselves as, for example, to atheists, picks up all the news that such and such a priest denounced the fact of the Church is something anyone selected. I climbed a couple of times in the debate, trying to say, "Look, you're not a" member of the club, "does it for you anyway?"

I tried to explain that it is the intelligentsia hypocrisy, saying that I myself do not believe in the Church has never been, he can do anything, but once you were called believers, you have to be more righteous, and once you're a priest, I can from you that- Since then the demand … Why? In this case I talk to seem to me unconvincing, "The Church reaches into my secular place, turn on the telly — it pop, and it irritates me." I responded by offering to take the program from programs and simply count the number of Orthodox Christians in her programs a week. One of my friend wrote in his blog that most of the Church of his "vybeshivaet" bell buzz around the house. On it he saw some irony that a drone and is conceived: and especially for this call …

I wondered why people are so easy and with pleasure at the Church irritated. And suddenly realized that something similar in their time watching among immigrants. It was called "cheat on departure." For example, the programmer is going to emigrate from Russia to the United States — and for a long time before departure at every meeting, every seminar replaced in order to read about programming, start read about how terrible everything, what everything goes in this country. Anyone who was going to leave, had to constantly pronounce it — that "cheat" yourself, your friends and acquaintances to assure the correctness of their own solutions, to reach from all compassion — and the people around were suffering from pollution just ether. But leave he did not calm down — get out on the Russian Internet forums and have continued across the ocean the same "cheat". Argued that the left is not in vain that he says: I have a house on the sea, meadow, grill, all the smart already here, in Russia there were only nerds.

So, when I'm reading, as unbelievers computer scientists, businessmen, agnostics or anyone else without annoying published at the pages of announcements about the Church, which, apparently, they do not touch — I really had very reminiscent emigrant cheat because Ocean. Since after seventy years of Russian period we are all in some degree — emigrants from Orthodoxy. Only difference is that people go abroad themselves, and of Orthodoxy have thrown willy-nilly. With all of this in our country, in a sense, the plane tilted to Christianity: under his feet as if during that leads there. You can follow him, you can stretch. But all allegedly pushed to the fact that all the same move in the direction of Orthodoxy is the core of culture, family and friends are crosses, there are a lot of churches.

And immigrant from Orthodoxy feels that in the good he ought to understand all this, something to read, to find out something about the history, to understand why smart respectable people — Orthodox. But he does not hunt — and it is starting to "cheat": how everything in the Church is terrible, and it's true that he stays away. Infopovod give him, and he was enjoying the morning sits at the computer, so pouzhasatsya: that the priests at all as bad as before, and means another day you can relax and not think about it.

— How to you think, why people resist that, to return from exile in Orthodoxy?

— I have spent my life working in the medium of programmers, and I can read about what is typical for her. Usually, the way to please the magic begins here with the needs of magical and esoteric practices. And enough of this and get stuck. I can understand why — because of a kind of mental novelty. Gospel parable, which grew out of the Gospel sayings — all this background, that we live in, and are used to not notice. Magic — it's something unknown. A programmer — a person who likes to "mind-mind ', likes to understand and grasp something complex. Because mental novelty for him attractive. He likes it when they say that what you
know is not very interesting, and we are at the moment for you will tell what the others do not understand. It is — a complex, strain and will think of. But you'll be the coolest. And he was just 100 exam at the Institute for 5 years passed, and 5 languages learned. Its all it touches.

Moreover. All the magical teachings they say actually follow all the people around cattle and suckers, but there is a way (always with a big bukovkoy) on it are chosen, and you can be in the middle of them, but you need a teacher (also with large bukovkoy) at the end of the path you will gain strength and become better people-suckers. In fact, it is — just a temptation. But it reminds the programmer to work with technical annotation: there are people who are what you are not able, for you it is necessary for the profession, read the annotation, friction, and also you will know everything.

— But in some abstract sense there is in Christianity that all men are vicious, but there is a way to overcome sin — repentance, and that way you will not pass without a teacher — Christ. What is still fundamentally the difference here?

— In my opinion, that's what. Although sectarian and esoteric at first for a while really they say the man about his imperfections and even humiliated, they later very rapidly and begin to praise his work with pride. So typical of the teachings of the division of people into categories such as caste in Hinduism. And the one who teaches the doctrine, always — by itself — in the highest category. And you promised to give her. And Christianity is arranged fundamentally different. No promises for you holiness. Christianity — it is something that forces you to feel unworthy before God every day.

But I know at the moment. Previously, when a young man fascinated by Eastern religions, I did not realize it.

— What you ultimately led to Christianity?

— In-1's, for sure, the complexity, the mind-mind. I was also a programmer, graduated mehmat. When I started reading Christian books — "Mere Christianity," "The Screwtape Letters" by Lewis, "The word of the death of" St. Ignatius Brianchaninov father Seraphim (Rose) — I suddenly found it harder and smarter than all the "Eastern" spiritual literature taken together, I read earlier. And in-2, in Christianity, I was struck by beauty. You see, my children many times watched "Harry Potter." I do not forbid them — even if there is mystery, but all the same is true emphases, where good and evil where. But then you start to look "Chronicles of Narnia" and suddenly you see that the "Harry Potter" — is a murky Run Games on some dark room with some unusual challenges. And the "Chronicles of Narnia" — this is an open world with sparkling clear message to the viewer. With Christianity, I had the same thing. I felt that, in comparison with Eastern religions with their pessimism and oppressive relations of man and the world, the light comes from Christianity.

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