Under the Tomsk will produce carrot juice and butter


In the framework of the Russian-Austrian project for small and medium-sized enterprises of agroindustrial complex (AIC) of the Tomsk region in the Austrian region received new equipment.

As reported in the Tomsk region, it will be used for production of carrot juice and butter. The lines for these productions will be placed in the LLC "Plemzavod" Zavarzino. "

Plemzavod "Zavarzino" is located a few kilometers from Tomsk and specializes in breeding cattle. It recently opened a plant for the production of dairy products.

In 2011, the Tomsk Chamber of Commerce in cooperation with the Institute for the promotion of economic Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (WIFI) has implemented an educational project for the 15 representatives of the Tomsk agricultural enterprises, including a trip to Austria Tomsk entrepreneurs to share experience and making contacts. During one of these visits just failed to reach agreement with the Austrian companies for the supply of equipment.

In 2012, the scheduled seminars with the participation of Austrian marketing consultants and project management, and in August and September are scheduled training and internships for Austrian enterprises private enterprises of Tomsk professionals providing health services to the population.


In addition, in the Tomsk region on the basis of PSF plans to create 39 farms, the regional program "Support for beginning farmers in the Tomsk region in 2012 — 2014." For its implementation of the regional, federal budgets and off-budget sources will send 71.3 million rubles.

Note that to participate in the appropriate program may begin farmers. They will allocate grants for the establishment and development of the economy and one-time assistance to domestic arrangement. For these purposes in 2012 would send 15.5 million rubles. Of these, 4.6 million rubles — from the regional budget, 9.2 million rubles — from the federal treasury, 1.7 million rubles to attract extra-budgetary sources. Thus, the proportion of farms in the coming year, compared with 2011, the increase by 1.2%. The region will create 117 new jobs. The volume of attracted farmers subsidized loans over three years is not less than 1.4 billion rubles.

"The purpose of the program — to create the conditions for the transition of private farms in the country (farmer) economy — said the deputy governor of the Tomsk Region — Head of the Department for socio-economic development of the village of Tomsk Oblast Administration Vladislav Brock. — In 2011, there were 745 in the area of private farms, which contain three or more cows. The trend of consolidation his household population may be potential for the growth of the peasant (farm) on this basis. "

It is known that the development of farms will lead to higher levels of employment and income for the rural population.



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