Underwater mechanized apparatus «BIOSwimmer» — electric tuna

At first glance on the underwater vehicle immediately to mind is its similarity with known sea fish — tuna. Tuna elected not the case — the structure of the fish gives it the highest maneuverability when driving underwater. The main purpose of the PAP «BIOSwimmer» — the fight against smuggling and security of seaports and the ways of the United States.

Underwater robotic machine «BIOSwimmer» - email tuna

After the incident in September 2011, the Department of National Security has taken under strict control the movement of people and goods in the area of the United States. Of particular concern is the situation at the DNB, down to the sea ports of the country. For example, in 2010 only one port of Los Angeles took over 6.5 thousand twenty-foot shipping containers. Run full control and safety midst of such goods is very difficult. Inspect each and every container ship expensive and problematic. New BPA «BIOSwimmer» just intended to facilitate the provision of security and neproniknovenie smuggling.

Beginning of development in 2009. Engaged in the development «Advanced Systems Group Boston Engineering Corporation» and made mock «GhostSwimmer». The Department has funded a project of national security, in step of the project was allocated 100,000 dollars. It has the form of fish and has overstated Underwater mobility. According to the statements of designers, the choice is obvious forms of tuna — "why finding the best solution for the creation of an underwater drone, if nature has already done for us."

Creating a new underwater robot can simply access the ship structure, located below the water line, to explore the holds and ballast tanks even in the highest viscosity liquids, such as oil. It will produce a patrol in the open waters of the harbor and waters to inspect the underwater parts of piers and docks with the installed sensors and radar. Sensors «BIOSwimmer» removable type can use it to perform various tactical tasks. It can be optimized for each puzzle separately. The operator may refer to the general direction of the search of a data channel using a laptop. On board the submarine drone systems are installed to communicate with the operator, management and work with the data acquired from sensors and radars. For maneuvering underwater as its own layout — fish tuna, He provided a flexible tail, fins rudders side, dorsal and ventral execution.

Underwater robotic machine «BIOSwimmer» - email tuna

Has successfully completed the first phase of tests tuna-robot with last year passed the second test phase PBA «BIOSwimmer». The head of developer hopes that apart from the underwater version of the drone, safety harbor and maritime receive extensive commercial version of the application for use in the oil industry.

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