Underwater Ninja

Underwater Ninja

"Reconnaissance Commando is a man without nerves. This is a suicide bomber. His life does not belong to him or his parents, it belongs to the Motherland "- the words of the oath of the Special sea Intelligence Navy submarine GRU.
Until now, that is not a lot known about the secret units of underwater saboteurs, spies. Even in retirement, years later, they keep their mouths shut. Indeed, in the case of war, they will have to fight before it began — leak on another area and destroy the enemy military targets, killing radars missiles, anti-submarine warfare eliminate the system.
Do not apply on their own service, and opponents of frogmen — Special anti-sabotage divers military forces. They will have to neutralize the enemy infiltrators. And they both years were preparing for war.

The fight against terrorism led to special units of marine special forces all law enforcement agencies and special services. Now frogmen have the FSB and FSO, the GRU and the Interior Ministry. All the world's naval powers are aware of the need to maintain these expensive elite special-purpose force. In time and after the war, the cool marine commandos scouts fought in the Middle East and Africa, Central America and Indochina, Iraq and the Balkans. On some operations can already tell.

Sea Special Forces provided security of the Soviet-American summit in Malta and in Reykjavik, the 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg and the 50th Victory Day in Moscow.

At this point we can already show a secret weapon, and a special technique that ensures the success of diversionary war under water — sea rocket launchers, machine guns and pistols underwater, special breathing apparatus, underwater vehicles, mini-nuclear bombs. It is time tell us about specific training divers scouts. Yesterday, this was not the question.

Underwater assault squads for the first time declared loudly for themselves in time Second World War, when the Italian "people-torpedoes" blew the British ships in Alexandria and Giblartare. British submarine-baby incapacitated battleship "Tirpitz". German midget submarines were selected to the ships in the Murmansk harbor. Japanese bombers stormed the South American U-boats.

Battle Squadron special purpose divers were harassing the Germans in time the blockade of Leningrad. After the war, a special unit sea Intelligence was disbanded. Only an explosion on the battleship "Novorossiysk", who is credited with the Italian saboteurs, led Defense Minister Zhukov immediately to the fleet of combat troops destination.

We call them "combat dolphins" and "seals" the Special sea intelligence. In the United States, "Navy SEALs team" 6 ". In Italy, the "aggressors" flotilla "MAC" and "Gamma group." In Germany — "people-frog" "Connections to." In France — the people-frog "Commando Hubert." In the UK — "Kommacho" in Taiwan — the "Red Dragon". Not without of success in the United States and the Soviet Union were preparing "frogmen" of marine mammals.
There is no hesitation that the invisible confrontation sea scouts, saboteurs lasts.
The documentary itself and the amount of contrast sub-themes of the naval commandos that time was not. Many of the videos are exclusive nature and will be shown for the first time in Russia.

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