Underwater scooter for the U.S. Special Forces

At the last exhibition in the South American town of Tampa «SOFIC 2012," the company «STIDD Systems Inc» presented on public display a special means of transportation for the underwater special operations forces «STIDD DPD-XT». Underwater scooter is not a recent development, and is a modification of the underwater scooter «STIDD DPD», which is a couple of years successfully used fighters of U.S. intelligence.

This unit is made in 2-versions:
— STIDD DPD — apparatus underwater / above water movement with one engine;
— STIDD DPD-XT — the unit underwater / above water movement with 2 engines.

Underwater scooter for the U.S. Special Forces

The main purpose of underwater spetsskuterov — hidden delivery fighters of special operations forces, combat swimmers at a given point under / over water. An additional purpose — the introduction of a civilian sector for scientific research underwater for dive training and veselitelnom business.

Underwater scooter is made of aluminum alloy, is used as a power high-performance brushless slider, is powered by 2 lithium-ion batteries. The motion is carried out by operating the screw channel. The unit weighs 72 pounds and provides movement under water for 2 hours at a speed of 6 km / h, 2-framed man with a payload of 45 kg.

Underwater scooter for the U.S. Special Forces

Changed «STIDD DPD-XT», instead of owning the 1st with 2 engines, has the following advantages over the basic version:
— speed properties increased third;
— additional range of action;
— in case of failure of the 1st motor can continue to fulfill puzzle on the second engine;
— double superior overall system, low noise motor drives «26VDC»;
— increased the required load — apparatus able to move up to 4 persons equipped with a full load;
— advanced lithium-ion battery;
underwater scooter is able to dive to a depth of 80 meters.

Apparatus equipped with subsequent equipment:
— easy navigation electrical system (RNAV);
— sonar;
— Doppler velocity;
— receiver of GPS;
— depth gauge;
— magnetic compass.

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