Underwater stew

Underwater stew

In the summer of 1976 in Murmansk was defused by a gang of weapon dealers. The case for the wildest of those times, in those days to trade the instrument was somehow not accepted. When all the attackers have caught it turned out subsequently.
The inhabitants of the 1st of the villages of the Kola Peninsula with a boat on a lake, in the old days have seen through the clear water crates. Diving equipment with them had drank some taken on a fishing trip sila (so here is called alcohol), plunged into ice water (she's always ice) and was tied with one boxes of rope.

Through the efforts of the team box was pulled out and opened. By ecstasy natives there were new, twisted into a parchment covered with grease German machines MR-40, is not affected by water. If you try to implement them in Murmansk would-be traders were caught immediately and showed the place of discovery, went to serve his sentence. To remove the drawer it was decided to involve the military divers engineers. Our group training courses at Kamenetz-Podolsk School Corps of Engineers in the specialty diver-sapper, all perfectly fit the requirements. Actually, the main specialty we had another, but in the last exercise we drew very well. We have managed, using diving equipment, "undermine" the bridge across mountain river in the Carpathians, and the upstairs decided to entrust this task to us.

Thus, the helicopter flew away, leaving us at the lake with supplies of food, raft PSN-20, which was to be used as a floating base, 2 boats LAS 5, diving equipment and compressor "Start". Us — it's six conscripts with the commander lieutenant Kolesnikov (nicknamed Collie) and 2 committeemen who had to look to ourselves that-nibudt not stolen, outline everything that we'll get, and sometimes where you want to send. PSN anchored directly above the boxes. In the first same day got more than 10 ka. Opened: 6 guns were MR-40, which in our country properly called Schmeisser. In the 2-cartridges to them, in others — stew 38th year of production. All perfectly packaged and almost not affected by water. Stew tasted. Was completely edible. Dogs, on which to test the relic meat, we did not have. I had to ourselves. No mental barriers experienced. After a course of survival, in which we had to eat frogs and snakes, and we mammoth meat of endless permafrost would go for the delicacy. Because the bosses we are stuffed standard army packed lunch in the main consisting of porridge and greatly bored Russian pork stew (based bank for two in a day), this gift from the Wehrmacht seemed a gift from God. The next day raised boxes with ice axes on which stood stamps with the image of edelweiss, the familiar MR-40 and drawers with unusual banks with a capacity of approximately 1.5 liters, consisting of like 2-parts, one above the other. On a small part of an arrow to rotate. Deciding that krutnuv lower part, you can open a bank one of the committee members did it. There was a hiss. Discarding the bank, everything, just in case lay. Suddenly some mysterious mine. In general, the bank is still flying, all lit up with an idea — stew with heating, which previously had to hear. Came up, feel the bank — burning! Opened. Stew with porridge. When this meat than cereals. Yes! Germans were able to petition for their own fighters. Ready dinner prepared in a matter of a minute, without consuming fuel, do not smoke unmasking himself. Calorie and relish. In the exploration of such packed lunch is simply irreplaceable. Long-discussed what the Germans are intelligent and far-sighted as those of their great software was delivered in parts. This is because, judging from the date of manufacture on the bank, it was already made in the 38th year! And how simple! Rotate the bottom of the banks entered into contact quicklime and water. As a result of the reaction — heat. Take this gift from Hitler fighter, for a fatherland remembers you. And how wonderfully done, you bastards! After lying in the water for more than 30 years, lime did not put out, the density is not broken, do not stew spoiled.

Reflecting on the theme: "How did it get here?", Concluded that the Germans, according to the ice ax mountain rangers, during the retreat, not having the ability to take out the warehouses were located on the shore, cut down hole and drowned property to our not got. Most likely, it was winter, when all the heat from the boat, then the drawers would not lay a pile of only one place in the 50 meters from the shore, and would lay in various Metakhim. Lake, naturally, we searched far and wide. Most occurrences are found the gun and also. Total raised about two hundred boxes. A couple of times flown Mi-8 and took out the osprey property. Where in the Kola Peninsula is the lake, we have not learned. Helicopter flew a helicopter flew away. But the story 15 years later received the sudden extension.

In 1991, fate brought me to the Leningrad Museum, where he worked as my companion. In the museum I met a fascinating grandfather, which was a true encyclopedia on parts of equipment, weapons and uniforms of all armies in the world, dating probably from Sumer and Babylon and ending with the second world war. Modern army it does not seem to interest. Speaking of gear Wehrmacht, and I told the story of the German corned beef. Said, stressing the mind, foresight and other positive properties of Germans, already in the 38th entrant into the year, such a useful invention.

My grandfather listened intently and said, "Boy, this invention is a Russian engineer Fedorov made it in 1897, has already begun to produce the early twentieth century. In 1915, the Russian army began to receive this stew in the trenches, though in small quantities. On it recalled in his memoirs General Shkuro which was in the First World detachment commander scouts in the Caucasian front. Turkish rears were their permanent place of residence, and this stew their very rescued. Swiftly, calorie, no unmasks at the factory. Later edition finished after civilian war in general have forgotten about it. Not to fat. And the Germans in the First World, the Russian stew tasted trophy, and to appreciate the idea of the second world began to produce. And now we admire them! We always so. Invent, and later forget. And after many years of buying their same invention at the foreigners! "

But that's not all! In 1997, in one of the newspapers I read about the useful discovery, manufactured by Japanese scientists. According to the description — it is darling! Can of meat with a double bottom, slaked lime, water. The Company now produces canned food for hikers and climbers. Soon, perhaps, we will be sold in Russia. The irony of fate. Exactly 100 years later circle. Prepare tools, will soon take a Japanese novelty!

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