Underway is building a new manufacturing complex branch of Ilim Group Koryazhma (Arkhangelsk region).

It is intended for the production of high-quality office paper, and subsequently coated paper, which is not produced in Russia.

 Photo source:rian.ru

The project cost $ 270 million is called "Building number 7 PM for release of office paper and base paper for coating" and apart from the new paper machine includes construction of the cutting and packaging plant chemicals, and infrastructure network. The first batch of production is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2012.

As soon as possible determine the pace of work at the site. Who goes zero cycle, earth-moving operations and clogging of hundreds of piles, construction of raft foundations for the foundations of buildings and equipment installation is completed columns. The next step — a large amount of concrete work.

General Contractor — St. Petersburg company "Omega" — in the fall to be brought under the roof of the building listoreznogo shop. Prior to the onset of cold weather it is necessary to make the heating and ventilation system to start installation of the equipment.

The construction, which started in the spring of this year, is conducted under the close supervision of staff, which is headed by Director of Construction Yuri Morgounov. In morning and evening planning meetings with contractors all operational issues are resolved, compare schedules and identifies challenges in the near future.

According to Yuri Morgunov, August-September — the time of completion of large works, which will give the opportunity to move to the next stage — the installation of equipment. "The works on excavation device for PM-7, produced by pile driving under the frame of the building. The next step — driving piles for the foundation of the machine, and it is a very large-scale operation, "- said Yuri.

In parallel with the construction of "Ilim Group" is preparing staff for future paper mill. Employees of the major specialties, primarily engineers, will undergo training at Svetogorsk pulp and paper mill at the plant in Poland, where the technology is used, similar to the one that will be used with the release coated paper.

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