Unilever has opened in Tula, a new production unit for the production of products Sauces

Unilever has launched a new manufacturing unit for the production of their products in Sauces food factory in Tula.

The new production unit opened in the framework of the project to translate all the sauces Unilever in Russia is 100% natural platform. The total investment in innovation is 10 million euros.

The introduction of new lines required to increase the area of production shops of the plant to 6.5 million m2, and the output — up to 70 thousand tons per year. Created more than 400 jobs.

Launch is timed to the 20th anniversary activities in Russia, which Unilever said this year. 

"The release of food products with all-natural ingredients and recipes — is not a fad, but a necessity — says Julia Paleeva, vice president of marketing for Unilever group of companies in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. — Consumers expect us to innovation — from concept formulation of the product to a high quality and convenient storage. introduction of better technology, today there are no analogues at the company in other parts of the world, will allow us to expand the production of sauces in Russia and provide excellent quality and taste at constant conditions of storage and at an affordable price. "

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