Unique for the Russian laboratory on the superplastic forming of metals run in Irkutsk Technical University

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Irkutsk Technical University set up a laboratory "Advanced methods of forming a blank-stamping process", for which the well-known French company "DIA" built on request of the University unique to the Russian equipment superplastic forming, combined with diffusion welding of sheet metal alloys worth 78 million rubles.

This lab will allow the university to carry out work on the creation and testing of new technologies shaping sheet metal parts made of aluminum and titanium alloys for a wide range of engineering products, conduct specialized tests of metals and alloys in superplastic deformation modes, train highly qualified personnel for air — mechanical engineering, having a world-class competencies .

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In the University of earnings 4 DIA specialist company to prepare the hardware to run in production mode, and train employees IrGTU release prototypes of products from sheets of titanium alloys.

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According to head of the Laboratory "Advanced methods of forming a blank-stamping process" Sergei Osipov, its discovery confirms that the scientific and research infrastructure IrGTU focused on creating the most advanced technologies and their implementation in the industry.

The official opening of the new lab will be held in the first half of 2012. The ceremony will be attended by representatives of the Irkutsk aircraft plant, the company DIA.

"The basis of the technological complex of press superplastic forming and diffusion bonding, which allows us to develop the work area temperature of a thousand degrees. The equipment set includes three machines for applying coatings antisvarochnogo providing zonal semifinished sheet and welding apparatus for welding in argon, which is necessary for the preparation of titanium sheet package to diffusion bonding and superplastic forming ", — Said Osipov.

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As the Russian representative of the DIA, an employee of "engineers" (Innovative technologies and solutions ", Moscow) Igor Kremenskov, equipment delivered to the Irkutsk State Technical University, used primarily in the aerospace industry’s leading companies in the world: Boeing, Airbus, Embraer, Bombardier.

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"This laboratory is run for the first time in the history of Russia. This advanced technology has come to our country through the Irkutsk State Technical University. All technological processes, certification of welds, materials science base is planned to work out in the Irkutsk State Technical University. Currently, a program of further co-operation with the University of ASB, will also be an interesting interaction between the Irkutsk State Technical University and the Institute of superplasticity in the French city of Angers. I emphasize that the Irkutsk Technical University is looking far ahead, as it works with alloys of titanium. Aluminium is gradually disappearing from the aircraft, and composite materials, which relies aerospace world, are only compatible with titanium. In any case, here lies a great perspective ", — Said I. Kremenskov.

According to him, the essence of innovative technology superplasticity is that at a certain temperature and pressure of the metal behaves like plasticine. "For example, a sheet of titanium to make the item to the desired geometry of multi-axis machine costing tens of millions of euros, it is necessary to process the workpiece few days. And, not less than 90% of titanium can go into chips. Due to the superplastic forming technology and new design solutions due to this technology, you can make a product almost does not require subsequent machining. Becomes possible deep molding with degrees of deformation on titanium alloys up to 1 million% sheet of aluminum — up to 600% leaf that does not allow any other manner and method of forming. Thus, it is possible to minimize the assembling of components and assemblies of aircraft, increasing their strength and rigidity, reducing the cost of several times ", — Said I. Kremenskov.

Head of Educational Department Irkutsk Technical University, scientific director of the laboratory Andrew Shmakov noted that the university can provide services for the creation of new technologies and advanced designs using this unique equipment not only Russian but also foreign engineering companies, design bureaus and research organizations. This method is applicable not only in the aviation industry, it started working out in autostructure for the manufacture of vehicle bodies, there are prospects for shipbuilding. Perhaps the use of superplastic forming technology, combined with diffusion bonding, in industries where the need is very complex in structure parts made of sheet.

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