Unique military nuclear bathyscaphe was tested in the Arctic


Deep-water nuclear power plant project 10830 "gate" received for the unusual design of the nickname "Losharik", took part in the expedition "Arktika-2012" in underwater drilling operations offshore Mendeleev in the Arctic Ocean, write "News".

As described in the Defense Ministry, the boat helped to adjust drilling operations, which were carried out with a diesel-electric icebreaker "Kapitan Dranitsin" and "Dixon" to define the outer boundaries of Russian Continental Shelf."Carrier" Losharik "is reworked strategic submarine of project 667" squid ", which has been dismantled ballistic missile silos — bathyscaphe fastened under her head"

"By working together to get a huge amount of geological material. Selected more than 500 kg of debris classified rocks. The results of the expedition will form the basis of an application to the UN Commission on the Law of the Sea to confirm the continuation of Russia’s continental shelf, previously rejected for lack of geological samples, and accordingly, the priority rights to develop offshore resources ", — told the publication.

He added that according to the Ministry of Natural Resources Lomonosov and Mendeleyev ridges have oil and gas reserves in the amount of more than 5 billion tons of standard coal.

During the expedition, was examined by the whole ridge and drilled three wells at two sites with soil sampling. With "Losharik", equipped with manipulators, the soil could collect dredge (cleaning device from the layers of rock), telegreyferom (heavy bucket with camera) and hydrostatic pipe.

Work was carried out to a depth of from 2.5 to 3 km in 20 hours. Due to the nuclear reactor and a unique titanium case the boat can stay under water for much longer than civil bathyscaphes on batteries.

According to one of the participants, the boat during the works were damaged exterior lighting system, which helps to cover the bottom of the boat on the depth and variety of items to find. In addition, it is necessary to repair the handles by which the boat picks up from the ocean floor samples of soil and various items.

Now "Losharik" prepared for maintenance in the 42-m factory shop "Sevmash". Since "Losharik" is equipped with a nuclear reactor, after every boat in the sea have to raise the dock and fix minor faults.


"During the renovation is planned to restore the technical readiness of the boat, check out the sites and mechanisms, such as shafts and propellers. Although the depth for this boat was not very big, but will have to align the body. During one of the dives out of service exterior lighting system — and replace it, "- said the source in the military-industrial complex.

A source, building "Losharik" is made of high-strength titanium, so the fix dents on the body is much more complicated than that of conventional steel boats. Carrier "Losharik" is reworked strategic submarine of project 667 "squid", which has been dismantled ballistic missile silos — bathyscaphe fastened under her bottom.

"In February of this year, we have already repaired" Losharik. " Prepared him for a hike to the North Pole. Install an additional bathymetric equipment for seabed seismic profiling, in particular, the profiler (a device for measuring the depth of sediments), side-scan sonar, etc. At the same time prepared the spare parts and titanium plates for repeated repairs. Finalized and the boat carrier, established her multi ehalot "- continued the representative of the Ministry of Defense.

"The need for such a device is very high. In addition to Russia, "Losharik" at a depth of 2-3 km can only deep-water station "Mir". In the last expedition led by Arthur Chilingarov used both the "World." But now had to perform more complex and time underwater work. For her at the "Worlds" lack of autonomy. So we decided to use the "Losharik", — said the newspaper.

According to the representative of the Ministry of Defense, if the "world" is working on batteries that provides up to 72 hours, the "Losharik" — a complete submarine with a nuclear reactor. It allows for autonomous operation of the mini-submarine for a few months. It has space for crew rest, working space, galley, etc. In this case, regeneration of air and water are provided by no less than the space station. "Worlds", in fact — walking bathyscaphes. Manipulators their weaknesses with a limited amount of movement, the additional funds bathymetry not postavisha — explained the representative of "the Ministry of Defense."

Now "Losharik" together with the carrier are part of the General Administration of deep-sea research (Googie) Ministry of Defense, which reports directly to the Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov. In the military-industrial circles Googie informally referred to as "underwater exploration," write "News".

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