Unique operation

To save the woman giving birth, doctors cooled her body to 19 degrees and … lowered the blood

Lviv in Ukraine for the first time surgeons had surgery to replace the aortic exfoliated pregnant woman. Introduced by Caesarean section baby miraculously survived and is under the supervision of doctors, and a happy mom recently discharged from hospital

Diagnose bundle wall of the aorta — the main artery in the human body — according to doctors, is almost impossible. Man feels fine, no matter what does not complain when suddenly, for no apparent reason he begins hypertension, shortness of breath and wild pain in the chest. According to statistics, 30 percent of people with whom it happens, dying instantly. Another third — for the next two days. And 30 percent of the patients had time to get on the operating table, with him no longer stand up. The list of cardiovascular disease dissecting aortic aneurysm is a leader in risk of death. Lviv Centre of cardiac surgery for 20 years successfully saves patients with such a terrible diagnosis. But there’s a pregnant woman had to operate for the first time.
"Reanimatologists honestly warned us," his daughter you are unlikely to see a live "

— I wore a baby easily — says 29-year-old resident of the district center of Lviv region Zolocev Galina solarium. — No toxicity, no swelling I had. Much time is spent in the fresh air, eating kilos of apples, grated carrots with. In general, led a healthy lifestyle. The fact that I can not be in the order of the heart, not even thinking. No shortness of breath, no arrhythmias, no pain ever felt. When getting on account of pregnancy, has handed over only primary tests — blood and urine. Later did an ultrasound. In the eighth month of pregnancy, I suddenly began a strange attack. I was breathless and could hardly swallow a bit of air. My heart was beating like crazy. The voice was gone, the chest as if to put something incredibly heavy. I was shaking and thrown into the pot. Physicians Regional Hospital, where delivered "fast", knocked me jumped up pressure, but to understand what is going on, they could not. They suspect that there are some problems with the heart, and caused resuscitation team from the regional center.

— When Lviv resuscitators were taken Galya, they said, "we will try to save the baby. But his daughter, you are unlikely to see a live "- crying mother Halina Maria Sabadash. — To believe in it, to realize the full horror of what is happening was impossible. My father and I just cried and prayed and prayed and wept. The week before I dreamed about my daughter, dressed in a white dress. Everyone knows that this dream promises big trouble. So I thought of him Gale did not tell. Did not want to frighten her.

— For being able to save our daughter and granddaughter, kowtow to all doctors — says Father Nicholas Sabadash mothers. — Six hours that the operation lasted, and I, and my wife does not find a place. When they told us that all is well, we just did not remember myself with happiness.

* Heart surgeon Igor Protsyk (left) and Prof. Lubomir Kulyk fully agree that the operation is carried out by Galina unique


— The case is certainly unique — recognized MD, professor Ljubomir Kulyk. — With such complications as dissecting aortic aneurysm is needed immediate surgery. Often comes at the expense of the hours and minutes. This is both very time consuming affair, accompanied by numerous risks. But a pregnant woman with such a diagnosis — just something incredible! In international practice, the different cases, but the fact that Ukraine has never conducted such operations — definitely. Galina patient is not easy at all. She has a congenital disorder of the connective tissue (Marfan’s syndrome), in which the deformed thorax and spine (they seem bent in different directions), the fingers on the hands and feet are quite spread out, weak eyesight. Marfan’s syndrome is high and so the likelihood of an aneurysm of the aorta, and in pregnancy, accompanied by hormonal changes, this risk increases significantly.
"Do not get tired of thanking God for what had happened and doctors miracle"

— We urgently convened a council and decided to save the first child — do cesarean section, and then operate the aorta mother — says cardiac surgeon Lviv Centre for Cardiac Surgery Igor Protsyk. — The risk was crazy. Every second or new mother or baby, or both could have been killed. But thanks to the coordinated work of midwives, who learned in a matter of seconds a child mastery of Anesthesiologists, jewelry calculate the surface anesthesia for caesarean section and deep — with surgery on the aorta, and we, cardiologists, both operations have been just wonderful. In order to save the patient, I had to medication and ice to cool her body to nineteen degrees, drain all the blood and running cardiopulmonary bypass through the femoral vein to stop the heart of a woman and is then replaced exfoliate the aorta protezom.Kardiohirurg Protsyk Igor (left) and Professor Lubomir Kulyk fully agree that the operation is carried out by Galina unique

— I was under general anesthesia through the night, — says Galina. — And the next day he came to consciousness, not fully understand what was happening. I remember that I asked to drink. It was only in the evening, waking up, began to ask the nurses that to my child. "A girl is healthy, all is well" — reassured me. In fact, with a little Alexandra was not all right. She was born prematurely after all, could not breathe on his own. But doctors at the Lviv regional hospital are really great. Now baby is recovering well, gaining weight, she is breathing, blinking eyes. Am I allowed to checking on her, though now, after my discharge, it has become problematic — Zolochev of Lviv to go half an hour every day to ride. When I first saw Sasha, then so be alarmed and trembling that even on hand to take it could not. A month’ll take my daughter home. My husband and I are looking forward to it, watch over our little princess dowry — beautiful clothes, crib, stroller.

* "The doctors at the regional hospital is really wonderful — says Galina solarium. — After all, if they do not, nor I, nor dear daughter would no longer be in this world "(in the photo — Gal with her husband and parents)

— I still can not believe what happened — my husband shakes his head Galina Basil solarium. — When all this happened, I was working in Russia. Expected to return to leave his wife. Mother-in-law called and said that Gale had a cesarean, and then added softly that I had to urgently come. I went cold inside. Though Maria Petrovna and admitted what had happened, and tried to assure that all is well, I felt that something terrible is happening. He was afraid to think about it, but the thought came to mind all sorts. Over the day, which was getting a little turned gray.

— And when I told Basil even crying — looking at the in-law, Mary Elizabeth and she is not holding back tears. — From the fear that he could lose his wife and daughter, and of happiness, that did not happen. We constantly are booking service in the church, light a candle and do not get tired to thank God and doctors.

— Now I do every year, along with
Alexandra and will be celebrating his second birthday, — says Galina seriously. — After all, if a miracle had happened, neither I nor dear daughter would no longer be in this world. "The doctors at the regional hospital is really wonderful — says Galina solarium. — After all, if they do not, nor I, nor dear daughter would no longer be in this world. "


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