United Aircraft Corporation plans to build in 2030 to 50 aircraft Ruslan

VORONEZh, May 28. (ARMS-TASS). United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) plans to 2030 in conjunction with the Ukrainian bank "Antonov" to build up to 50 transport aircraft An-124 "Ruslan" and no less than 150 — military transport An-70. This was announced by CEO Mikhail Pogosyan, speaking at a meeting of the 10th Inter-Parliamentary Commission of Russia and Ukraine.


Currently, the production of such aircraft is not conducted.

"In today’s day 2030, we estimate the market only repair and modernization of the An-124 — more than 75 units," — he said, adding that 35-40 percent. of them belong to the Defense Ministry. In this case, Pogosyan said that it was intended not only to repair and modernization, "but also the resumption of production of An-124". "And the production forecast up to 2030 — around 40-50 aircraft," — said the head of the KLA.

He also said that the state program of armaments until 2020 envisages the construction of more than 70 military transport aircraft An-70. "We believe that the volume of orders until 2030 will produce at least 150 aircraft of this type," — said Pogosyan, adding that the main customers, are expected to be the Ministry of Defense of Russia and Ukraine.

Today, during the Inter-Parliamentary Committee, it was decided that a special working group is during June to consider a number of issues arising in connection with plans to resume production of aircraft An-124 and An-70. In particular, it should be decided the order of transmission of the design documentation for the An-70 from CB "Antonov" the Russian side. It is assumed that the production itself will be conducted at the Ulyanovsk aircraft factory, ITAR-TASS reported. Earlier it was reported that the production of the An-70 in Russia will be located at VACO.

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