United Arab Emirates show off their new multiple rocket launchers

United Arab Emirates show off their new multiple rocket launchers
The last couple of years the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are increasing their efforts in a number of key areas in order to become more self-sufficient in a number of key areas, especially in the area of ​​weapons and equipment for its army.
Namely, rocket artillery is one of the areas which appear to be making progress.
This can be judged according to the latest IDEX 2013 defense exhibition in Abu Dhabi, as in this show were shown three new multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS), developed by local companies (of course not without international assistance), writes Jane’s IDR.
Multiplatform launcher Multiple Cradle Launcher from the company Jobaria Defense Systems in marching configuration. It consists of a tractor NO Oshkosh Defense, a semi-trailer and four launchers, either with 3 blocks of 20 launch tubes
The biggest among them is a cross-platform launcher MCL (Multi Cradle Launcher) developed by the local company Jobaria Defense Systems. Despite its obvious novelty clear that she entered the United Arab Emirates for the army a couple of years back.
MCL — is the largest system in the world in its class. It consists of a tractor NO (heavy equipment transporter) 6 x 6 from the U.S. company Oshkosh Defense, towing a large trailer pyatikatkovy with 4 launchers. Any launcher consists of 3 blocks of 20 launchers rails 122 mm unguided missiles «ground-to-ground.»
The first steps of development MCL used chassis Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles 8 x 8 with a cabin, but then it was replaced by a tractor Oshkosh Defense NO.
At this tractor mounted protected cabin for 3 persons — commander, gunner and driver — with air-conditioning and NBC protection system; crew can deploy the system and starts to create 122-mm rockets from inside the cab.
Semi an auxiliary power unit (APU) for the deployment stops and 6 hydraulic launchers with electro-hydraulic drives and. Installation has its fuel tank 200 l., Which is enough for 24 hours.
United Arab Emirates show off their new multiple rocket launchers

Platform semitrailer with 4 launchers and MAT

The entire system weighs 105 tons, tractor diesel engine resettled Caterpillar C18 engine with 700 horsepower, the main fuel tank tractor for 940 liters. allows you to have more in store travel 450 km, huge wheels for desert and central nervous system swap wheels allow you to have a «good cross-country mobility» (very strange statement from a marketing company prospectus, taking into account the monstrosity of the system).
Real and impressive ability MCL — is naturally a tremendous fire power system. Any of 4 launchers on the trailer consists of 3 blocks with 20 launchers guides for 122 mm rockets, which ultimately makes ammunition 240 missiles per system.
The system keeps firing missiles TR-122 and TRB-122 Turkish manufacturing company Roketsan. They have the highest stated range 40 km radial possible deviation of 1.3% in range, although of course that the range is dependent on several factors. Short range is 16 km.
TR-122 has a high-explosive fragmentation warhead with a contact fuse, whereas warhead TRB-122 remote detonator packed with steel beads (5500).
Computer MSA with the assistance of satellite-inertial navigation system reduces the time of preparation for shooting and increases accuracy. Even so, the rockets are relatively inaccurate and the whole calculation is based on the massive use of the huge number of missiles. The crew can select the starting block number to fire a volley, right up to the largest salvo of 240 rockets.
Launcher Multiple Cradle Launcher from the company Jobaria Defense exhibition IDEX 2013 plus impressive firings
MCL can operate as a stand alone unit, or as part of a battery integrated into overarching artillery systems, including in its own composition as traditional tube artillery.
To ensure the work of the MCL complex comes Transport-loading machine based on the same tractor and semi-trailer with new blocks 122 mm rockets, which are installed instead hunted by a hydraulic crane.
According to unconfirmed reports, but it is entirely possible that the 122-mm rockets can be changed more large caliber rockets have a much great distance. In the list of the UN arms shipments for the year 2010 indicate that Turkey gave UAE 122-mm/300-mm launcher plus 480 122-mm rockets and 32 rocket TR-300.
Last are already in service with the Turkish army, four launch tubes installed in the rear of the truck Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles 6 x 6. 300-mm rockets have a remote detonator and high-explosive fragmentation warhead with steel beads. Claimed maximum range without stabilizers is 100 km, but drops to 20 km when installing brake rings.
Systems smallest
Jobaria Defense Systems company also developed the smallest and gave her designation JDS-107/122. The exhibition was shown launcher on a truck chassis 6 x 6 FMTV (Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles — a family of medium-duty military mc) equipped with a cabin and a double central system swap wheels.
Launcher with actuator mounted at the rear of the truck. It may take one or starting block with 20 122-mm rockets or three blocks of 20 107-mm rockets. All missiles are sealed and thermally insulated blocks and usually are shot of one per second.
As the above systems MCL, MLRS JDS-107/122 equipped computer MSA, which consists of satellite-inertial navigation subsystems and subsystems automatic guidance. Also in this MLRS integrated meteorological system.
The launcher has a remote-down stabilizers (support); according to the company Jobaria Defense Systems, time to first start at least 5 minutes.
Setting fires the same missiles TR-122 and TRB-122 and that the system MCL, and 107-mm rocket Roketsan TR-107, which has a solid rocket engine with low emission of smoke above the highest range of 11 km and the lowest 3 km, although there is also need to be able direct fire. The missile has a high-explosive fragmentation warhead weighing 8.4 kg activated fuse detonation point; declared effective radius is 14 m
Third system shown in IDEX 2013 was the 107-mm MLRS from the company Emirates Defense Technology installed on the car inflated cross Nimr 6 x 6 local production.
United Arab Emirates show off their new multiple rocket launchers

Nimr vehicle with a cabin and a launcher in the rear with 2 transport and launch container 24 107-mm rockets

It is clear that this system is made for the UAE Armed Forces. The system consists of two-door cab equipped with a system protected NBC, stabilizers, standard central system swap wheels and electrically-launcher on the rear platform. The launcher consists of a 2-sealed launching transporting containers each 24 107-mm rockets.
While driving launcher locked protective cover that allows installation under disguise ordinary truck Nimr.
The system is equipped with a control system and fight computer MSA connected with the navigation system based on an inertial navigation system and global positioning systems GPS. Swivel installation controlled from the cockpit, has the greatest angle +55 ° vertical guidance and horizontal guidance angles from 110 ° to the left and right.
Solid 107-mm rockets have the highest range above 11 km and it may not necessarily rocket Roketsan TR-107.
Among Emirates Defense Technology they say that the system has a total weight of about 13 tons and develops the highest speed up to 80 km / h
Job MLRS based car Nimr provided transport and loading machine Nimr 6 x 6 fitted hydraulic crane.

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