United Electric Grid opened the first network of charging stations for electric cars

The service initially will be absolutely free, it is all the costs associated with the charging of electric vehicles, will take on United Electric Grid. The company hopes that the move will increase the number of people willing to make elektrozaryadnyh refueling stations installed in the project.

Speaking at the opening, CEO of United Electric Grid Andrei Konovalov emphasized that opens today is not just a gas station, and the network. This means that Moscow began to operate not just one but several charging stations for electric vehicles. Thanks to the efforts of professionals in the IT-sector, they are combined into a single network. Now, getting the card authorization, the owner of an electric vehicle after April 1 will be able to produce a gas station on every charging station.

Four of them have already been installed in Sadovnicheskaya street, 36. They are able to fill the alternating current electric power up to 3.3 kW, single-phase connection, 220 V with a maximum current of 16 Amps. This mode provides full electric vehicle charging for 8-10 hours.

The same station is installed in the street Krasnosel’skaya Lower House 6. Very soon the company they will make charging stations, bred on the second drive Paveletskiy 3 & street Golubinskaya house 10. There are objects of Moscow United Electric Grid, in which the company plans to offer charging stations for electric vehicles.

In Moscow’s plans also include expansion of Power station types, including through the fast charging stations. The first of these will soon be installed on the same Sadovnicheskaya street, 36. It will be able to provide constant current charging of electric power up to 50 kW, voltage up to 500 volts, the current strength of up to 125 Amps. The charging time for these parameters significantly decreases and only 20-30 minutes.

Recall that the project "Moscow United Electric Grid-EV» is primarily a research and aims to obtain information about the features of operating the infrastructure for electric vehicles in a metropolis, the development of the general concept of electric transport infrastructure in major cities of Russia, the preparation of draft standards and requirements for the operation of the technical regulations public and private charging stations.

One of the problems to be solved — to find out what type of charge is optimally suited to domestic conditions. To do this in the service of the company in Moscow and the Moscow region is planned to install 28 charging stations.

To test the charging stations Moscow United Electric Grid plans to buy electric vehicles of various types. Currently, five electric power companies transferred electrically driven four Mitsubishi i-MIEV and one Chevrolet Volt. By the way, the last model was first shown at the event. The next step — delivery of cargo and passenger vans, which will begin to run on the roads of the capital in April.

Head of the Department of Capital Construction JSC "IDGC Holding" Gennady Martsinkovsky emphasized that the project "Moscow United Electric Grid-EV» received the support of IDGC Holding. If successful, the outcome of United Electric Grid experience is translated by the management company to other regions of the Russian Federation, especially in the city of St. Petersburg, Sochi. In the capital of the 2014 Olympics environmentally friendly electric cars can become a kind of calling card, proof of people’s desire to save the unique climate of the resort city.

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