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Identified the first victim of the new U.S. space program: it is, ironically, has become one of the most successful and informative and devices ever bred man in space — the Hubble Space Telescope. The good news — there have been reports about the latest sensational discoveries made on Mars probe "Spirit." Once on the surface of the Red Planet, he almost immediately ran into a stone on which is clearly legible serial number (# 19, maybe 194), written by so-called "Arabic" numerals. Of course, the presence of these characters can be explained by an amazing coincidence or his imagination of researchers, however, skeptics and push other, more "mundane" versions of the appearance of Martian characters.

First — the sad January 16, director of NASA's Shin Oh? Kifi reported on the management of NASA decision to abandon the expedition to repair the Hubble telescope, which was scheduled for mid-2005, as well as all the others, except for the final expedition of 2010, during which telescope should be prepared for flooding (11-ton machine must enter the atmosphere in 2011). Thus, NASA's space telescope has left no chance. But because the operation of the Space Telescope depends not only on the correction of the orbit, but the regularity of maintenance (such as replacing the broken gyro attitude control system and electrical batteries) is not known yet whether he can finish before the end of his physical existence.

Mr. O? Kifi pointed out that it is an unfortunate fact caused by a lack of budget funds, as well as security concerns. Thus, the Hubble telescope has fallen victim to Bush's new space program, providing production of "ambitious but maloosmyslennyh problems," according to the browser agency "Agence France-Presse." The new plan includes as a priority the creation of multi-manned spacecraft, and the organization of expeditions to the Moon, Mars and more distant objects in the solar system, funding for the program is planned to carry out, in particular, by the revision of the current NASA programs. Decided to start with the Hubble Space Telescope.

Hubble, launched into orbit April 25, 1991 on board the space shuttle (mission STS-31), is a truly unique instrument, which became a single epoch in the development of astronomy and will allow for a fresh look at the universe. List of discoveries made with it, it is difficult to make, since virtually all of the objects whose images were obtained by the Hubble telescope are brought to scientists in a new light and with incredible detail before. In particular, it became possible to determine the age of our galaxy (13-14 million years), and to determine the size of the largest celestial bodies of the Solar System, after Pluto's open — it was the planet Quaoar, located in the so-called Kuiper belt.

Hubble was also a rare example of the opportunities offered by carrying out repair operations directly in orbit. When Hubble was already in orbit, it became clear that because of the mistakes of designers main mirror the quality of the image leaves a lot to be desired. However, a special expedition was able to establish itself in orbit aberration compensator, which allowed to return to life is extremely expensive and valuable tool.

For a good "space" news is the fact that the U.S. probe "Spirit," so the way to shade their incredibly high quality images soft "cosmic" Bush's speech, continues to make unique discoveries.

Valuable information about the mechanical properties of Martian soil by American scientists were able to be obtained by analyzing the traces left by an inflatable landing gear when jumping and subsequent mechanical deformation during etching gas (of up to a full stop, the unit has made about 30 jumps). It was found, in particular, that the soil on the "disturbed" areas of the probe behaves like a moving carpet on the floor, moving to the side and form a fold, for what is called a "magic carpet". According to Steve Skvayreza (Steve Squyres), a leading specialist equipment set Athena, mounted on the Mars rovers, this may indicate the presence of a subsurface layer with a very unusual properties, including high mechanical adhesiveness (cohesivity).

But the most startling discovery on Mars made by NASA visitors marsrovers.jpl.nasa.gov, which laid out the images obtained probe "Spirit." On one of them, available to all users of the Internet (its address — on the stone at the top of the picture is clearly distinguishable number 19 (maybe 194), recorded so familiar earthlings Arabic numerals. Becomes clear — further triumphant journey "Spirit" on Mars will bring amateur astronomers many more exciting discoveries. Observers note that any hypothesis on the origin of these characters will inevitably change our perception of the universe, or the United States, or Arabic numerals are not quite earthly origin, or humans were able to leave their marks on the surface of the neighboring planet long before the Americans or President Bush needed in the success of the mission "Spirit" is more than I could afford appliances, or a sense of humor NASA specialists goes beyond all limits of decency.

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Source: CNews

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